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Thread: Weight gain issue please please help!

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    Default Weight gain issue please please help!

    I am sick right now I am so upset. I have had a long road with bf my son, he is 5.5 months old now. He nursed hourly for 4-4.5 months or so, leaving me with 20-40 min to do anything at all. It was such a rough road, but it meant so much to me to bf that I stuck it out with a lot of tears and frustration but I made it.
    He will be 6 months 11/11, and at his 4 month appointment he was 14lb 8oz. He is now nursing every 2 hours, even with an earlier than I had planned intro to solids (just started at 5 months) one time a day, I make it myself and he's only had a few veggies. Thats not the issue here, tonight I thought I would see what he weighed as people keep saying he is skinny. It said 14.5 lbs (weighed me and him then just me) I know it's not reliable but its pretty close I am sure. He nurses enough, sleeps 10-12 hours at night and is otherwise happy. I am scared I will have to switch to formula, that what I am doing isn't enough for him or god frobid he is sick with something. Has anyone been here and managed to fix it without formula? I worked so hard I will be crushed if I fail!

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    Default Re: Weight gain issue please please help!

    If you're using a bathroom scale, they are really not accurate enough to tell you anything useful. If he's happy, nursing frequently enough, and has good output, you do not need to worry. If you really feel worried, make an appointment to have him weighed at the dr.-- same scale as at his last appt. If that shows a cause for concern there are lots of ways to help weight gain that don't involve quitting BF. Your milk is higher calorie per volume than anything else he can eat (including formula). So even if there is a weight problem, BF will be part of the solution.

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    Default Re: Weight gain issue please please help!

    If this was a bathroom scale, there is no need to get worried! There's a reason why babies are always supposed to be weighed on the same scale, in the nude, and that is that with a small baby, a few ounces can be the difference between normal and abnormal weight gain. Bathroom scales just aren't accurate enough for the task- which is why I am 5 lbs lighter on my home scale than I am at the one at my gyn's office, and 10 lbs lighter than on the scale at my GP's office.

    Don't let other people's opinions about your "skinny" baby get you down. I have learned that people say only 2 things about babies: either "your baby is so big!" or "your baby is so small!". It's like they forget how big babies really are. I find myself guilty of the same thing- I can't remember how big my girls were at, say, 3 months, so all 3 month-olds look teeny-weeny to me.

    When a mom is concerned about her baby's weight, the first thing she should do is to nurse more. Your baby is sleeping 10-12 hours at night- that's as much as 50% of his day during which he's not taking in any calories. Adding a few dream-feeds in the middle of the night might really boost his calorie intake. The second thing she should do is to familiarize herself with normal growth patterns of breastfed babies; see http://kellymom.com/health/growth/growthcharts/

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    Default Re: Weight gain issue please please help!

    First, congratulations on making it this far! 5.5 months is nothing to sneeze at when it's been a rough road!

    I was mildly obsessed with my son's weight when he was that young. At 4 months, he weighed not quite 12 pounds. I went a little crazy and even had him weighed on a produce scale at one point, so I understand how stressful it is to be told that your baby is skinny! My suggestion is to ignore the home scale. I tried that. It just drove me crazier, even though I knew it probably wasn't very accurate. I never used formula, just nursed on-demand/when it had been a few hours since the last feeding. We also co-slept for a while so he could nurse at night if he needed. My son is now 18 months, nurses a few times per day, eats like a pig, and is healthy and happy...but still on the small side. As long as your son is having lots of wet diapers, is happy, and is meeting milestones, I'd say you are both doing just fine!

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