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Thread: EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

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    Default EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    My LO is 4 months old this week. She is EBF, which is great, but here in lies the problem. She is used to nursing to sleep so now that she is in the 4 mo. wakeful she will only eat if it is nap time or night time. She falls asleep before she gets enough. My mom even mentioned that she heard her stomach growling, yet she will not eat during play time. I have tried! DH and I have tried introducing the bottle, but she is very opinionated about it. We are going to keep at it, but I don't have a whole lot of hope for that.

    I'm considering introducing a sippy cup of breast milk. I will supervise her, of course, but I though that maybe she would drink breast milk from a sippy since it is not like a bottle, and she might even enjoy drinking during play time. We go for her well check this week and I was going to talk to the doc about introducing cereal, but I'd rather stay with breast milk until 6 months before introducing solids.

    Any thoughts on this? Does it interfere with BFing? I have read that the sippy can be introduced this young with water or BM. She needs BM. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    Playtex makes a sippy cup that requires sucking, like a bottle, but is a cup that she can hold with both hands.


    DD loves her juice in it! Maybe your LO would like it too!

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    Default Re: EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    My 5.5 month old has been a bugger about randomly refusing bottles! He rarely ever gets one. I bought a sippy by Nuby that is a staged type. It has a bottle like nipple, and comes with the next stage up. He actually liked it!

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    Default Re: EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    my first started drinking from a regular cup when he was 4 mo. might be worth a try.

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    Default Re: EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    I'd actually avoid bottles, sippies, and solids right now. They would all decrease your baby's dependence on the breast, and that could rapidly turn into a full-blown nursing strike instead of simple (but frustrating!) distractibility.

    Have you tried taking baby to nurse in a calm, dimly-lit location? A dark bedroom is where a lot of moms with distractible babies choose, or are forced, to nurse.

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    Default Re: EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    i agree with mommal, encouraging baby to nurse rather than using an alternative feeding method will be much healthier for your breastfeeding relationship in the long run. I am curious about what playtime means, if your baby won't nurse during it, it sounds over stimulating. (its very easy for a baby to be distracted from nursing at this age just due to normal household activity.)

    some moms are told they have to 'stimulate' a baby with certain activities so they develop their brain. And this may be needed for a baby born with certain disabilities, i don’t know. but in general nursing itself gives a baby tons of brain developing stimulation, and a healthy long term breastfeeding relationship has been shown in many studies to increase not only overall health outcomes but also measurable intelligence. So I would personally put nursing above playtime.

    To answer your question of bottle vs. sippy, a sippy introduced at this age that a parent/caregiver controls or helps baby control should be fine. It’s a typical method for back to work moms whose babies refuse bottles.

    But again I would encourage more overall nursing/nursing frequency. It is normal for babies to nurse to sleep, so I doubt that is a problem. Are you cue feeding or scheduling?

    the current recommendation from all major children’s health orgs is nothing but breastmilk (or formula if baby is not breastfed) for 6 months, fyi.

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