But yes the drs and lactation knew she was only feeding about 6 times a day.
i find that horribly frustrating. do you mean at Jack Newmans clinic they had no problem with baby nursing so infrequently? it does not make sense.

it sounds like you and baby are doing better. i think in the middle of the night you both did what was instinctual and that seemed to go better? keep doing that. (follow baby instincts and yours).

She went to sleep and I heard her start to rouse at 330. I got her up, undressed her, changed her bum and tried to put her to breast....
one teeny suggestion- keep trying to nurse baby as soon as she cues. don't bother with diaper change etc. first. babies can and will latch and nurse basically in thier sleep.

also do not worry about baby 'emptying' the breast or taking both sides at a time. often a baby only needs/wants one side at a feeding. if you still feel more full on one side, strart with the more full side at the next feeding-which would normally be very soon!
I think to be honest I've fallen into the "supplementing" track due to my experience with my first son who was premature. It was a very bad experience with the nicu and support with Breastfeeding wasn't good. I ended up pumping for a year.
this is very common. if eping is what you know, feeding at the breast is actually new and probably a bit strange to you despite you being an experienced mom. i strongly suggest the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition) and looking into local LLL or other breastfeeding support groups.

you are doing great. hope progress continues!