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Thread: can block feeding compromise milk supply?

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    Default can block feeding compromise milk supply?

    My 8 weeks old baby has been choking while nursing, she has also been very fussy,sometimes her stool is green and my breasts feel very full. Also if she pulls off milk shoots everywhere. I immediately thought oversupply and fast let down so today I decided to try block feeding (3 hours blocks). In a day I was able to reduce the fullness, the milk still shoots a bit and she gets annoyed but she has not choked once today, however my breasts feel drastically different – until today very hard before a feed and then soft, now comfortably full before a feed and afterwords very soft. It is such a drastic change in a day that I started worrying about negatively affecting my milk supply. Am I just paranoid or could block feeding compromise my milk supply? I am getting a bit worried.

    I should add that my baby girl has been gaining good amount of weight so far.
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    Default Re: can block feeding compromise milk supply?

    Of course block feeding could lower supply. (or to be more accurate, lower milk production) That is the purpose of block feeding!

    I always suggest that moms try other techniques for dealing with forceful letdown/oversupply before trying block feeding for precisely that reason.

    However, I don't think you are in trouble here. As long as you are nursing with good frequency, your breasts should (ideally) not ever feel "hard' and certainly not at 8 weeks. So it is good that is going away. As your supply regulates (which it could quite possibly do just on its on without block feeding) you will find that your breasts begin to feel more soft all the time. This is normal and does NOT mean you are losing appropriate milk production.

    I would suggest, just for now, stop block feeding, and instead, nurse frequently (at least 10 times a 24 hour day.)
    Let baby nurse one side at a time, only switching sides during a single feed if baby wants
    Nurse 'uphill' or in a "laid back" position (where mom is leaning back.)
    If baby objects to the fast flow, take baby off the breast at letdown and let that first 'rush' pass before putting her on again.

    If the oversupply worsens again, you can always try block feeding again.

    more: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

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    Default Re: can block feeding compromise milk supply?

    What got me worried, and I should have written that in my initial post, is that on top of feeling my breast different Today I did not feel the tingly sensation of the let down reflex, which was unmissable until yesterday.

    I tried the laid back position she is not a fan.
    I will stop tomorrow and try your suggestions and see what happens.

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    Default Re: can block feeding compromise milk supply?

    When milk supply is well matched to demand, the following are normal:
    - rarely or never feeling full, hard, or engorged, unless baby skips multiple feedings in a row
    - leaking less or not at all
    - reduced or absent letdown sensation
    - lower puma output (if you're pumping)

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    Default Re: can block feeding compromise milk supply?

    yes my letdown sensation is finally going away (at three months) as my supply regulates. since my letdown actually hurt quite a bit this time around, this is a great relief.

    with my oldest child, i had plenty (again more than enough) milk and never felt anything at letdown. letdown sensation or lack thereof may not mean much.

    also i suggest keep trying laid back. it is so much more comfortable for mom besides helping with the fast flow. Try only tilting back a little, mom does not have to be way back. just relxed and supported. and baby can be in any position at all. there are not a lot of 'rules' with laid back- you can fiddle around with it.

    sometimes moms do better with it when they latch baby on while upright and then relax back.
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