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Thread: More milk with 2nd letdown?

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    Default More milk with 2nd letdown?

    Not sure what's going on... DS (12weeks) is tugging and getting frustrated at the breast the past few days. He recently found his hand and gnawing on it whenever he's not nursing or sleeping (so he might be teething, hunger for more).

    He nurses every 2 hrs or so... and gets an extra 1.5oz - 2oz formula around 10:30, 3:00 and 7:00 for his big naps and nighttime. I don't want to give more formula as I'm trying to build my supply. I also pump when I can to stimulate ( as no actual milk is coming out). I'll offer him both breast and after the 2nd offering I'll get up and walk/rock him and he's fine gnawing at his hand for a bit then falls asleep. so not sure if he's hungry for more and I'm just distracting him.

    This morning I skipped giving him the breast and pumped to get an idea how much he might be getting and got 3oz (1.5 oz from each breast), but noticed that the 1st letdown only produced 1 oz total and then 10 mins later had a 2nd let down which produced 2oz.

    So I'm wondering if this is what's causing his fuss and how I can get more from the 1st letdown? Is there a way to get 2 letdowns closer together? And why theres more from the 2nd, seems odd?

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    Default Re: More milk with 2nd letdown?

    I wouldn't read too much into the experience you just had with the pump. The way pumps remove milk from the breast can be very different from the way babies do; babies are generally faster and more efficient at emptying the breast than even the best pump. The excellent news is that you got 3 oz from pumping, which suggests that your supply is where it should be, and you probably can drop those supplements. Maybe go down to 1 oz for those 3 supplemental bottles, and see what happens.

    Fussiness and hand-gnawing... Well, they don't necessarily mean anything, either. They're kind of par for the course with babies around this age- they're trying to figure out how to maximize the amount of milk they get at the breast, how to control the flow, how to self-soothe with their hands but not suck on their hands when they're hungry... It's a lot for a new little brain to master, and it can make for some very fussy days! The best thing to do is to just nurse, nurse, nurse, giving the baby the maximum number of opportunities to learn how to nurse most effectively.

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