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Thread: Hole nipple is caved in and hurts baddly!

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    Default Hole nipple is caved in and hurts baddly!

    My baby is over 1 month old and i still have sevear pain while BF-ing.
    My left breast was craced and now almost heald and pain free but my right breast is so baddly damaged that im in tears the hole time i nurse.

    Its not even craced, it has a wage in the middle like a hole with no skin on top. If it becomes dry it looks like a big hole inside my nipple.

    I have tried every cream and compresses. It just wount get any better. every nursing opens it up and bleeds again.
    I have spoke to a professional and she told me that he wount open his mouth wide enogh but i really try to push as much as possible to his mouth and lot more then with the good breast so why this one is so painful? When the nipple comes out it looks lipstic shaped but i re-latch him again and agian and its still the same. I have tryed different posissions and butting the breast in different ways but still painful.

    My son wount take breast shields and i cant get anything out with a pump.


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    Default Re: Hole nipple is caved in and hurts baddly!

    number one, is baby gaining ok? are you exclusively breastfeeding?

    can you see an ibclc? someone who will show you different ways to latch baby and not just say baby 'won't' open mouth? there are many ways to latch a baby besides waiting for the baby to open wide. if none of that works, it might be that your baby cannot latch well, due to tongue tie or something. this is fixable but you would need to see a qualified person in person to watch baby nurse and help you. the fact that your baby can latch ok on the other side suggests some latch or positioning tweaking and time to heal should take care of this. find local ibclc: http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1

    unless you are separated from baby, you should only need to pump if you cannot nurse. i assume that you are hoping to try not nursing on that side so you can heal? that is one way to approch this problem. but yes you would need to keep regularly extracting milk or you will have supply issues.

    what kind of a pump are you using? how old is it? is it fitted correctly? if you truly cannot extract anything at all from a lactating breast that sounds to me like a pump issue.

    what about hand expression? hand expression would be much less potentially traumatizing than a pump. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf
    to speed healing, i suggest moist wound healing with lanolin or coconut oil and protecting the nipple from any friction by wearing a breast shell. http://www.askdrsears.com/?q=topics/.../breast-shells

    i have heard moms rave about salt water bathing. also you could try APNO. more on both here: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplehealing/

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