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    so my lo is starting to bite me when she's at the breast. the only time she doesn't is if she's really tired or really hungry. i have tried plucking her cheek so she gets the point of this hurts me and i've tried taking the breast away when she does this for a little while but nothing seems to work. i'm to the point of switching to formula so i won't get bitten every time she feeds. are there any tips or tricks that anyone can suggest that will help with this issue. i don't want to stop bf until she's a year old which is only 3 months away but i'm to the point i want my boobs back and if she's going to continue to bite it's not worth continuing. i may as well switch to formula for the last little bit. please help!!!

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    What always worked for me (I have 3 girls) was to push her face towards my breast when she is biting. I don't say a word nor make a sudden move. She is forced to open her mouth to breath and the bad experience will prevent her from doing it again. You'll have to be consistent and patient but she'll stop eventually. Here is a link about this issue and Dr sears explains this method:

    Biting while nursing might be the first parenting lesson for a mom. I wouldn't just switch to formula as a solution. I would try to solve the problem without being so dramatic. As with any other behavior, you will have to choose a discipline method and stick with it, be consistent and very, very patient.

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