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Thread: 3 week old, not pooping, hard tummy

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    Exclamation 3 week old, not pooping, hard tummy

    My 3 week old was pooping 3-5 times a day until last Saturday night. Her last poop was soft although stickier than usual and it was a big one. We gave her vitamin D drops that day and wonder if that could have anything to do with it?

    On Tuesday we took her to the doctor and he told us to give her 1/3 of a glycerin suppository. Her tummy was hard and bloated. I gave her the suppository at 4pm and she had a big poop right away which was liquid and not curdled or grainy at all, like mustard.

    Her tummy is softer now but she still hasn't gone on her own since. She's farting a lot though. She wants to nurse a lot, fusses and doesn't want to be put down so we're not getting any sleep.

    What is going on with her? Is this normal? What has caused this?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: 3 week old, not pooping, hard tummy

    It is normal. It's not constipation and her fussiness is NOT connected to her not going. Breastfed babies often when their digestive tracts start to mature will go days often even a week without pooping. The thicker stickier poop was the color and consistency of peanut butter? And the last one was different because the glycerine suppository messed with it.
    My advice is relax and don't project that she is in pain. I understand where you are. I do. I couldn't believe that my baby was going from pooping every time he eat to NOT going for days. The 1st time it happened I let my Pedi stick her pinky in his butt. I wouldn't do that again if I had to do over. And everytime I called them they were like "Normal" and finally I was like "When is it NOT NORMAL" and they said "don't even call us until it's been NINE days." Well he went on day 7. It was never hard constipated poop. Which is can not be if you are EBF. Because it's Just milk. That's all there is. So after that I relaxed and he would OFTEN go days without pooping. It's just another benefit of breastfeeding. You don't have to change poopy diapers everyday.

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    Default Re: 3 week old, not pooping, hard tummy

    I agree. my doctor also had us give my oldest son glycerin suppositories if he didn't poop daily! I was shocked to learn later that his pooping pattern was perfectly normal and there was no need to do this to the to his poor little bottom.
    Exclusively breast-fed babies simply do not get constipated. They are on a liquid diet eating the food that is perfectly designed for their gut how can they get constipated?
    As long as you're sure your baby is gaining appropriately, there is probably nothing to worry about.

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