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Thread: Getting 4.5 month old back on breast after pumping??

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    Exclamation Getting 4.5 month old back on breast after pumping??

    My son had acid reflux and at one point, the drs. were worried he wasn't eating enough and recommended pumping and switching to bottles for a time. (He often cried when he was on the breast, arched his back in pain, and seemed to pull off before he had a full feeding.) I pumped and fed him bottles starting around 2 months and have been doing it until now (4.5 months). The only time he feeds from the breast is first thing in the morning. Everyone seems to feel much more comfortable about his weight now, so I'd like to get him back on the breast full-time again, but he resists. He cries whenever I try, but will immediately take a bottle. Is it too late for me to get him back on the breast? If not, are there specific ways to try to do this?

    I've always had an oversupply of milk, so that's never been the problem. I'm not sure that I should have listened to the dr. about switching to the bottle in the first place...

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    Its not too late! Congratulations on sticking with it! It is such a promising sign that he is latching on in the morning. It sounds like he is liking the instant flow of a bottle. Some moms have had success having a baby latch on in the tub. Skin to skin plus the warmth of the water and free access to the breast can help. How often are you offering the breast? Don't wait until he is hungry. It may help to manually stimulate your letdown so that as soon as he latches on he is getting milk. Another idea would be to use a SNS (supplemental nursing system) which is a tube running from the bottle to your nipple so that when he latches on he is getting the milk instantly. Once he starts associating your breast with the milk instead of milk coming from the bottle he may accept it easier.

    Congrats on making it through these obstacles. You're doing awesome, Mama. You can do this.
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