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Thread: weanied off nipple shields - only on one side!

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    Default weanied off nipple shields - only on one side!

    Last week my 7 weeks old baby girl got off nipple shields. Amazing accomplishment for her, however after 2 days she started refusing the right breast. I have soft nipples but for some reason without the shield she latches well on left side and has issues with the right. She would get so frustrated that I had to reintroduce the shield in order for her to latch on the right side and eat. So now we do left side naked, right side with the shield. I try to take it off at every feed in order to get her used but she gets so upset. Why is this happening? For 2 days she was fine. I convinced myself this nipple is softer so I purchased a nipple everter, which has not done much, also to a closer look they really feel the same.
    What could be happening and what can I do? Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: weanied off nipple shields - only on one side!

    I don't have too much experience with nipple shields, so I am sure someone else can offer more helpful advice, however maybe she is just used to using the nipple shield. Keep trying to feed without it. Have you used the shield starting out and then during the feed take it off? Some babies take a while to adjust to not using a nipple shield. I remember reading about a baby who had problems breastfeeding without the shield and then at 6 months literally just took off the shield. I have also talked with a mom before who had the same thing happen to her. I know they are a pain, but if it is the only way to get your daughter to breastfeed, then it may be a necessary evil until you can get her completely weaned off of it. The fact she can nurse w/out it on one side is a good sign though! Good luck and keep trying!
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