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    My mother in law didn't listen to me when I told her both bottles in the fridge were fresh milk (stupid lipase issues) and so when the baby stopped after 2 oz, she thought it was because the milk tasted funny (she didn't smell or taste the milk, she just assumed) so she then offered the other bottle. Baby didn't suck but the nipple was in her mouth briefly until she pushed it out and turned her head away. I'm guessing it's not safe to freeze that even though she didn't suck at all? Made me mad since I told her both were fresh and she clearly didn't listen to me and that was a freaking 4 oz bottle! My milk starts to change after 18 hrs and since she didn't get watched every day this week, it basically went to waste. My baby will only drink briefly from bottles it seems to quell any hunger but not to be full. I also think she and my husband give up too quickly when feeding her. Plus the baby now seems to think that milk pours easily from my boobs during daylight hours only since she gets frustrated with breastfeeding during the day but the feeds that she always gets from the boob she does without any complaining.

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    I wouldnt freeze it but I would use it w/in the window for another feeding. Sorry that is super frustrating.
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