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Thread: Suction level on pump?

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    Default Suction level on pump?

    Just a quick question - anyone have any experience or feedback on whether or not the suction level of the pump (I have a Symphony) makes a huge difference in pump output? After let-down, I usually run my pump suction level around 75% (about 3/4 of the way towards the highest level), but for some reason my nipples have been a little sore lately (like the tips of them. Nothing else has changed for me - I don't suspect thrush, baby is not biting or getting teeth yet...), so maybe my pump is just too high? If I keep the speed around 50% or even lower, would it affect output? Or maybe just take longer to pump?

    I guess I won't really know until I try, but I thought I'd ask...

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    With the PISA I had To keep it at 75% power to get enough but I was always struggling with pump output.
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    Default Re: Suction level on pump?

    Sometimes I find it's actually more effective to dial it back a bit on mine.

    But if nothing else has changed and you're getting sore - you may want to double check flange fit. My size changed over the last few months and I went from comfortably using a medium to needing an XL. There was a bit of soreness similar to what you describe in between.

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    I pump at the highest level that feels comfortable. Here's a weird nipple soreness thing that happened to me: at one point I switched my bra pads, and I started to have some soreness. Switched back to the old kind, and it went away. I think I may have had some kind of reaction to the new pads that was irritating my nipples.

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    Default Re: Suction level on pump?

    my ameda had the directions to turn up the suction just till it was painful, then dial it back until it wasn't. that being said, i often got better output when i pumped a little lower than that. i'd do a letdown phase with lighter suction/faster cycle for the first 3 mins or so, then turn the suction up and cycle down.
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    Default Re: Suction level on pump?

    Yeah, if it's hurting, I'd dial it back for a bit. You may want to increase the compressions, etc. Could AF be about to visit?

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