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Thread: Fenugreek vs. More Milk Plus

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    Default Fenugreek vs. More Milk Plus

    I have had a supply drop due to an illness that I had last week and I'm currently working to get it back up but it's slow going. I tried Fenugreek but it was making my lo VERY fussy and was causing him not to sleep at night doe to upset stomach and gas pain so I had to stop taking it. The LC recommended More Milk Plus which also contains fenugreek, but I'm guessing not as much. Has anyone ever tried both of these? I'm wondering if the MMP will upset my baby as much as the fenugreek did. Any input would be appreciated!! Thanks!

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    Not sure about babies but the mother love brand gives me less gas than fenugreek seed capsules.
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    I did the MMP when I had to take a Rx that decreased production. It worked really well and no noticeable issues with DS
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