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Thread: Supply all over the place !

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    Default Supply all over the place !

    I'm new here - a second time Mum and had no BF problems with my first child.
    My second child, now a 5 week boy was born 10lbs, and had a few feeding problems due to "wet lung" after aspirating water from his Water Birth. After IV antibiotics, he is better but had silent reflux (I think due to the antibiotics) and is now on a prescription of Gaviscon for Infants. I have to express twice a day and mix with the powder which I administer via a bottle.
    I have noticed since doing this that my supply has gone from over-active (in the first 3 weeks) to really diminished from about 5pm-10pm. Yesterday, my boy was demand feeding every hour between those times and I was rendered totally exhausted with a really sore right nipple (my right breast seems to be the least productive).
    I'm wondering what I should do - should I take some Fenugreek to help boost my supply ? I have to continue with the Gaviscon for another 2 weeks so have to still do the pumping in order to mix up the powder.
    I adore breastfeeding and really don't want to have to stop !

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    Default Re: Supply all over the place !

    The more frequently you nurse, the more milk you will produce. Your supply has adjusted. If your LO is a thriving nurser he is getting the milk he needs while actively sucking.
    I am sorry his first few weeks of life have been troubled by a lung infection but your wholesome breastmilk will keep him strong and healthy and thriving.
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    I sometimes pumped a lot for the first few months (too long a story!) and noticed during those hours my supply was low, as well. I know some folks theorize that is why babies are fussy in the evenings (lower supply). Even if I took my Fenugreek and such, those times were just the lowest. I know my LO nursed very frequently in the evenings and right up until bedtime (sometimes for hours at a time). I don't know why nature decided babies need less milk then -- maybe one of the more knowledgeable moms on here has that answer!
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    Evening cluster feeding is textbook normal with a young baby. All you really need to do is to nurse, nurse, nurse during those fussy evening hours. The constant stimulation and milk removal will train your body to make the right amount of milk for that time of day.

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    Try offering the breast more during the morning and afternoon, every hour if he's awake (unless it's time to pump of course!) Your supply will increase again soon. No need to quit.

    Herbs can help give you a boost in the meantime. I had good results from fenugreek capsules. Here's the kellymom info on herbs:

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