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Thread: how to get a "bigger" baby to latch on large nipples

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    Talking how to get a "bigger" baby to latch on large nipples

    I've been working with an LC and BF specialist MD, and we have determinedthat she needs to grow biger before she will be able to latch well enough to effectively transfer milk from my very large nipples.
    I know this is the issue, my nipples are too large for nipple sheilds - they don't make them big enough. And I know she doesn't transfer much milk from me bc she never actively sucks without the sns. In fact when bare nursing
    She will do about 10 or so flutter sucks and then a swallow. We've also done a pre and post weight, and she gets about .01 oz in a 20 min. Nursing session.
    Now, I'm basically eping and using the sns 2 to 3 times a day (the MD recomended this so I don't exhaust myself and waste my time). I also try to comfort nurse when I know she's tired and wants to go to sleep. But I have a sore on my nipple from the bad latch (yes only 1 sore bc the other nipple is even bigger so I don't even try that sside yet).

    But my question is to those othe large nippled mommies, how did you teach your LO to effectively nurse? Mine is 7 going on 8 weeks ( I can still tell they are too large). My sister had a similare issue until 6 weeks (hers aren't as big as mine). I'm also post reduction, but if I pump enough I will get barely enough 20 to 24 oz a day. I know thaat if she nurses I would prob definatly have enough milk (pluse in theory its easier). I was never able to get my sone to latch on and EPed for 11 months.
    Please share your experiences with me and for others!

    UPDATE: I am going to repose the question in hope to get more answers. Basically I want some advise on how to teach a 2 or 3 month old how to get a good latch. Until then I'm just letting her suck on the nipple(bc that's all that will fit). When her mouth is big enough she'll need to learn proper latch and suction, but only after months of bad latching and LOTS of bottles!
    Please, does anyone have advice???
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    Default Re: how to get a "bigger" baby to latch on large nipples


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    Default Re: how to get a "bigger" baby to latch on large nipples

    Please provide tips on how to correct latch after 2 or 3 months.

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    Default Re: how to get a "bigger" baby to latch on large nipples

    Mama, I bumped this thread hoping you'd get better advice than what I am about to provide.

    Your situation is puzzling. The truth about breastfeeding is that babies BREASTfeed. They don't NIPPLEfeed. What this means is that when a baby is properly latched, the nipple should be on the back of baby's tongue, underneath the soft palate, almost down to the uvula (that little bit of flesh that hangs down in front of the opening to the throat). And when a baby is properly latched, the majority of the stimulation from suckling should be going to the elastic and relatively less sensitive tissue of the areola, i.e. the breast.

    Large nipples can make latching a challenge. But if you use the right hold, you may be able to compress their profile to get them deeper into baby's mouth. Imagine taking a bite of a large submarine or hoagie sandwich- you're going to squash it flat in order to fit the maximum amount of sandwich into your mouth. So try making a "C" shape out of your hand, putting your fingers right behind your areola (thumb above, fingers below) and compressing the areola from a circle shape into a flattened oval- and then latch baby on. Hopefully this will allow baby to take a bigger "bite" of breast, getting the nipple deeper into the baby's mouth where there will be less mechanical trauma to it. Also, if the baby is deeper on the breast, she will be better able to compress the milk sinuses, enabling more milk release as she sucks.

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    Default Re: how to get a "bigger" baby to latch on large nipples

    Thanks mommal .
    I know the theory of BF and deep latches. Yet, when I try o get a deeper latch she gages and pushed most of the areola out. I have to do the c-hold the whole time otherwise she falls off.
    I do try the steps for the deep latch technique, and/or scissoring my fingures around the nipple (this seems to work the best). But my DD just couldn't get more in her mouth. And I think she's a little bigger now so it might work, but now she has bad habbits and I can't get her to latch deeper.
    I was offering her the breast many times a day and for comfort, but this is making my trauma worse, and its starting to really hurt
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    Default Re: how to get a "bigger" baby to latch on large nipples

    i understand the wait until baby is bigger idea but i have seen some very small babies nurse fine on very large nipples. waiting it out IS a recommended strategy, but my source (a breastfeeding text) says that would usually take just a few weeks-if you are going to wait it out, how long are you going to wait? your baby is already 2 months old, and has certainly ( i assume) already grown quite a bit-but there has been no improvement?

    So, I am not sure how helpful this will be but I suggest you see another Board Certified Lactation Consultant and try to get baby latching at least well enough so it does not hurt you to nurse, sooner rather than later. if you want to try that, i suggest you get local references and call a few different ibclc's, explain your history, and ask them if they think they can help.

    other suggestions-laid back positioning as that allows gravity to work for you so baby is not being pulled off the nipple by gravity. remember you need not be super laid back, just tilted back as little or as much as you like, baby can be in any position, and if you need to help baby latch with the breast sandwich technique or any other, you can.

    when doing the breast sandwich technique, make sure you are compressing the breast the right direction. if baby is coming to the breast from the side (as they would in a cradle or cross cradle) a U hold rather than a C hold would be appropriate.

    When compressing the breast, keep fingers out of the way of babies mouth. When latching baby, avoid pressing baby’s head.

    ok, for helping baby back to the breast-once your baby is big enough to be physically capable of latching and nursing effectively, your challenges would be pretty much the same as any mom trying to bring baby to the breast after a time of bottle feeding. This would include, for example, moms of premature or sick babies that were in the NICU, or any mom who had extreme difficulty latching baby in the early weeks. see kellymom article linked here for ideas. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    to limit issues in the meantime, i would suggest, keep up/increase your milk production with very frequent pumping with a hospital grade pump and use of galactagogues if needed.
    bring baby to the breast even if baby cannot nurse well as much as you can without reinjuring.
    consider alternative feeding methods such as cup feeding
    consider paced bottle feeding to keep the flow less and make feedings longer with baby more in control see http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf
    keep every feeding that is not at the breast as similar to breastfeeding as possible-feed on cue, small amounts, frequently.
    hold baby a lot, skin to skin when possible, to keep baby associating your arms and breasts with comfort, love, and sustenance.
    avoid or limit pacifier use

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