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Thread: 9 mo only nursed to sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*gk View Post
    people tell me she's waking up at night to eat out of habit and not hunger...how can I know? She seems to be hungry...and gets very upset if I don't nurse. She wakes and only wants to nurse and go right back to sleep.
    In answer to your question "how can I know," you could try, for a night or two, paying closer attention during night nursings (even scribbling down what's happening so you can put it together in the morning). This requires trying to stay awake while baby nurses and focusing on her behavior: Is she sucking deeply, swallowing, etc. and for how long, or is it just the fluttery sucking, or simply wanting the nipple in her mouth to fall asleep? It's hard to stay awake (I know I usually put mine to the breast and then we drift off to sleep again) but if you really want to know what's happening, that's how to find out. I did this recently and learned a lot about my baby's habits. I observed that only his very first and last waking/nursings were actual eating -- the other ones in between, he would latch, do fluttery sucking with no swallowing, his breathing would stay calm and even, and the sucking would stop within a few mins and he would be asleep. That's how I figured out some of the nursings were for comfort & not nutritional.

    Now if you do find that some of the nursings are "just for comfort" or "out of habit," it totally depends on your perspective and what's working for you & baby as to whether or not you consider this a problem, or it just enhances your understanding of your daughter's night nursings and you both continue happily For me, I'm going to try to work on cutting out the comfort nursing sessions so we can sleep longer ... but if you don't mind your current routine, then maybe just go with it and try to let other people's "advice" roll off you.

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    Thank you all! I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy reading your responses filled with thoughts, ideas and most of all support! I trust that in her own time, she'll be falling asleep and staying asleep

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