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Thread: Low supply due to illness

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    Default Low supply due to illness

    I need some input and encouragement because I'm starting to get frustrated! My baby is 4 months old and until this past week nursing has been great and I haven't had any supply problems. We both got sick Monday and got over it Wednesday. Ever since Tuesday I have had to give at least one bottle, sometimes two, of my freezer stash in the evenings because there's just nothing in my breasts it seems. I always offer it first and my LO just sucks for a few seconds and pulls off, re-latches and then pulls off and will do this for a few minutes until he's screaming. I pump when I have to give him a bottle and I'm going to wake up and pump several times tonight (my baby sleeps through the night). I was trying fenugreek but it made my LO extremely fussy and restless so I had to stop. Has any one else had a similar experience and if so how long did it take your supply to catch up? What are some things you've tried an had success with? Thanks so much for any advice or input...I'm goin to do anything I can to get my supply back up but I'm just a little discouraged right now!

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    Don't freak out! A drop in supply after illness is common, and completely reversible provided that you do 2 things:
    1. Nurse on demand
    2. Don't supplement
    This is generally pretty easy for moms who are home full-time with their babies. All they need to do is nurse, nurse, nurse, and then nurse some more, and the baby's increased demand will quickly result in increased supply. Moms who are working and pumping and must give some bottles have a slightly more difficult time, because the pump doesn't stimulate supply as naturally as a baby does. When a pumping mom has a drop in supply, she needs to pump more often and perhaps for longer time per DS, mimicking increased demand with the machine.

    I know the fussiness is difficult to deal with, but it's also normal at this age, and normal after a change in supply. Shelve the bottles and nurse, and I think you're going to be fine!

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    also, many moms see their supply adjust around now, and many of them mistake it for low supply. it might have nothing to do with the illness at all! but anyway, it is normal to stop feeling full; stop feeling letdown; stop leaking; etc - none of that means you're losing milk.
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