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Thread: Stomach bug

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    I must have caught some kind of stomach bug, y'all don't need the dirty details but I've been running to the bathroom since about 3 this morning. There's no way I can even think about eatig anything today. Will one day of this kill my supply is there anything I can do to help keep it from going away? We just went through a torturous growth spurt to get my supply up to what he needs now and I just don't think I can go through another 5 days of that right now!

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    Don't worry. Nurse on demand and do your best to stay hydrated- small sips of flat ginger ale every 5 minutes if nothing will stay down- and your supply will be fine.

    Here's a funny to make you feel better: http://crappypictures.com/last-monda...the-beginning/

    Get well soon!!!

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    IKWYM! My dh and I once were sick with the runs for an entire weekend and neither of us could hold anything down. My milk supply did not tank or even suffer. We three spent the weekend in bed and I am certain my LO gained extra weight b/c all I could do to entertain her was nurse!
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