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Thread: Lipase change with 2nd child?

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    Default Lipase change with 2nd child?

    I have posted elsewhere about my little guy who does not like bottles. I never had any problems with lipase with my son 4 years ago. I pumped for him and also donated to a HMBANA milk bank as well. He never rejected bottles and my milk never smelled funny. Tasting bm kind of grosses me out (I know, not reasonable, but it's the way it is) but when I very rarely tasted milk I gave him, it tasted fine. Kinda sweet.

    Now I'm working with my second son. I work part time, and he's with his dad or the babysitter from 9-12:30. They say he will only eat from a bottle if he's REALLY hungry and he stops after about .5-1oz. I had some milk in the fridge that I thought was mis-labeled datewise, so I smelled/tasted, and it was pretty gross. Sweet at first but then a bitter/bad/gag-inducing taste. I tossed it and tried some milk pumped yesterday morning. It was also pretty unpleasant but not as much.

    I'm wondering if it could be a lipase issue, but I never had any problems the first time around. Also the descriptions of lipase taste say it is soapy and my milk isn't soapy it tastes its own independent type of yucky. Can these things crop up later? Also, I was reading a bit on Kelly Mom and there was a suggestion that DHA supplements could cause problems. Has anyone experienced that? My OB asked me to take them but if they're causing problems, I will stop. Any idea how long it would take to clear?

    Thanks. This is really driving me nuts.

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    Default Re: Lipase change with 2nd child?


    I couldn't find any other documentation about DHA supplements affecting the taste of stored milk, but anecdotally, several moms posting here have said they saw a difference after they stopped eating flaxseed.

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