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Thread: lactose overload

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    my son is now 2 months old. i have posted threads before about my baby never seeming to be full.. well that has never changed since he was born. he so fussy sometimes right after nursing and sometimes 30- 45 min afterwards. i always just assumed that he was not full and would nurse, nurse, nurse. nursing is the only thing that comforts him. but he doesnt just nurse for comfort he really is eating. when taken off he howls until i put him back on breast or he seems content 30 min and then starts howling .... then sometimes even comes off the breast screaming. since nursing is what seemed to make him happy anytime he cries i just offer the breast. he was 8 lbs 12 oz at birth. left hospital at 7 lbs 4 oz three days later and by 2 wks up to 9 lbs 4 0z. he is now prob 12 lbs. first month or so he would poop every diaper change and it was normal yellow. but they were always explosive. lately he now only poops maybe once a day. same color and not explosive. i can smell it not hear it. he always has many many very full wet diapers. first couple minutes of eating you can hear large gulps and and sometimes he chokes at letdown. he also does not sleep very good at all during the day. that is my biggest concern. he gets overtired and cranky. his eyes get so red and you can tell he is so sleepy but when falls asleep at breast or in car he wakes up within 5-10 min usually wanting to nurse!! most days he gets maybe an hr of sleep between 9 am-10 pm. he sleeps good at night and wakes up to eat a couple of times to eat but doesnt eat long at all. i feed from one breast until feels empty and then switch sides. when i pump i get about 3 oz from each breast. i dont think i can try block feeding because my breast do seem to be emptied and when he wants to nurse again i cant put him to empty breast. should i pump an oz of foremilk before to see if it helps. since he was born he cannot be awake more than 30 minutes without crying! i just want my baby happy!! sorry such a long post.

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    Are you pumping regularly? And if so, why? It sounds as if you have a forceful letdown and perhaps oversupply, in which case pumping would increase the issues. Yes one option when dealing with issues of forceful letdown is to pump a little so when baby comes to the breast the flow is slower. But trying to gage when "foremilk" stops and "hindmilk" begins would be almost impossibel as thee change is gradual and occurs throughout the feeding. and baby needs both.

    I would instead suggest trying:

    Nurse frequently (or keep doing so if you already are) This is important because the longer time milk has to 'build up' in th breasts the faster the flow so baby gets more foremilk.
    as much as possible, avoid switching sides during a feeding. There is likely no need. Try nursing one side at a time.
    i have had good success with taking baby off the breast right at letdown (actually she takes herself off) and catching the initial flow in a towel and letting that first flow calm down before relatching baby.

    [QUOTE]i dont think i can try block feeding because my breast do seem to be emptied and when he wants to nurse again i cant put him to empty breastQUOTE]

    why not? here is the thing-baby is gaining great, right? And babies nurse for comfort as well as food. Plus breasts are never truly empty. I know they can feel empty, but your body is always producing milk. I am not saying you should for sure block feed, you may not need to-I am just saying, I doubt having baby go on one side per feeding or even on one side through two feedings is going to cause big issues. if BABY objects and won't settle, then let him have the other side. Just no need to assume you have to do that.

    Switching sides during a feeding is a strategy for increasing milk production. As is "extra" pumping (pumping when baby is fully fed at the breast.)

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