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Thread: Q ab solids. 11 month old exclusively breastfed

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    Default Q ab solids. 11 month old exclusively breastfed

    Hi ladies! My third baby is eleven months old and she is tiny. My other two babies were, and still are, tiny as well. I have been trying to introduce solids since she was about 6.5 months. With my first, I did all homemade purees starting at 6 months and he refused them until about 14 months. So until then he was essentially exclusively BF. With my second we were living overseas where they advise baby led weaning so I gave her table foods at 6 months and she was ok with that. Now with my third baby I have tried both purees and BLW (table food) and she refuses it all. And by refuse I mean she puts up a huge fight. If we try to spoon feed her she throws up her hands and covers her mouth and shakes her head no and just cries and cries. If I give her chunks of small food she refuses to put it near her mouth. She throws it all on the floor. So at eleven months she is exclusively breastfed, which of course I'm fine with, but I feel like she is starving. She's generally fussy, seems like she wants more milk. She weighs 16lbs 9 oz. She was 6.1 at birth. Should I worry? Of course my pediatrician says she should be eating 3 meals a day plus snacks and sleeping through the night. HA!

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    Default Re: Q ab solids. 11 month old exclusively breastfed

    I wouldn't worry. My pediatrician would say that up until around a year babies can be well-nourished on breastmilk (or formula) alone, and until around that time solids are just for fun. So if she's not eating the solids, no big deal. I'd be a little more concerned about the fact that solids seem to make her kind of upset. So maybe I'd focus a bit more on trying to make solids more fun? Maybe have her feed you? My girls loved stuffing food into my mouth even when they had little interest in it themselves. And if I made a big deal over it, made the "yum yum" noises and everything, they were a little more interested in the solids themselves.

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    Default Re: Q ab solids. 11 month old exclusively breastfed

    You must have the same pediatrician as me!

    WHO growth chart here:


    I agree with mommal, try to focus on making solids fun and take the pressure off. Try leaving the solids on her plate and go about having fun with your food while she watches. For instance, show her how you gobble up a broccoli 'tree' or a cheese 'wheel' or raisin 'ants'. She may want to join in the fun. If not, that's OK. She may want to try at the next meal.

    You can also leave a nibble tray in the living room. An ice cube tray filled with different snacks. Fishy crackers, cut up fruit, cheese, meat etc.

    All you can do is offer solids and if she really doesn't want it, what can you do? Some children just aren't ready for solids until later.
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