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Thread: Growth spurt?

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    Default Growth spurt?

    My son will be 4 months on the 29. Up until this point I have been breastfeeding and pumping some. And when he hit his 6 week growth spurt he cleaned out my stash in the freezer (I wasn't able to nurse him at that time due to TT and bleeding nipples so my body wasn't getting his cues to up my supply). I don't think my supply has drop, maybe slightly, but he seems to be a bottomless pit! I've had to start supplementing. And since he won't take a bottle of just formula I've been giving h bottles of half my milk half formula. But he will drink a 5oz bottle and about 1-1-.5hrs later (sometimes likethis morning less then 20min later) he's SCREAMING and the only thing that will calm him down is eating. I thought it was a comfort nursing thing but he actually eats, and is happy to take another 4oz in a bottle. Is this normal? He's already 15+lbs so hes a big eater anyways but is this a growth spurt or what's going on? And how can I start making enough milk to stop supplementing? If I didn't have a two year old running around I would just sit and nurse him all day but I can't. Any advise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mrspetitone View Post
    And how can I start making enough milk to stop supplementing? If I didn't have a two year old running around I would just sit and nurse him all day but I can't. Any advise?
    how you can make enough milk is by stopping the supplements and nursing all day. lots of moms at this point start a tailspin into supplementing and by 6 months they're on almost 100% formula. so you need to figure out what your priority is. it IS possible to continue to nurse and quit the supplements and still tend to your 2 year old (though i haven't done it yet!! i just know lots of moms do). they say that nursing in a sling or carrier really helps, and doing things with your 2 yo while you sit and nurse (read books, play time, even the TV on occasion). it might also help you get back on track if you take a "nursing vacation" where you just literally lie around all day and let the baby nurse as much as he wants, for 2-3 days. this will kind of cue your body to the growth spurt. get a mother's helper or babysitter in for that time so you really only have to pay attention to the little one.

    also remember that babies can't comfort nurse from a bottle - they have to swallow what comes out at them - so he may also be overeating on the bottles. but if you want to quit the formula you've got to nurse more, on demand, to stimulate milk production.

    good luck!
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    Default Re: Growth spurt?

    with the PP.

    I totally get it that it is difficult to mother a 2 year-old and a new baby at the same time. Can you get some help around the house during this challenging stretch, Allowing you to spend all day nursing and ditch the formula? If not, do you have a sling? Nursing on the go, in a sling, is sometimes the best way to mix caring for a new baby and a toddler.
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