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Thread: She took a bottle

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    Default She took a bottle

    I feel like I'm on cloud 9 :-)

    After weeks of striking, LO finally took a bottle! Se fed herself too! I got a text picture while at work today and there she was all snug holding her own bottle! I felt relief and comfort knowing she was being nourished.

    Hubby said she wouldn't take it being fed, so on a hunch he handed it to her and she knew just what to do.

    I just wanted to share my news, I'm so happy! Butt rash cleared up, milk supply is back up and now she's taking her bottle. Oh it's a good day!

    I encourage everyone I know to donate to the lll. They know it means a lot to me. I'm so proud of what I'm doing, nourishing her in the most natural way, I want to change the world! I want everyone to experience this.

    Sorry I'm just so darn happy!

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    Default Re: She took a bottle

    congrats!! great day
    DS1 6/7/11
    DS2 10/29/13

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    Default Re: She took a bottle

    Very Happy For U!

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    Default Re: She took a bottle

    Yeah, this is great news! Glad to hear things are working out for you!
    Canadian mom and breastmilk fan.
    We have 2 beautiful children: Luana who's 9 y/o, had breastmilk for 2 years and is smart as a whip. Lucas who came out kickin', is 4 y/o and continues to enjoy his milkies.

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