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Thread: Here We Go...Again

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    Hi all! I was hoping to get some support on a current issue I'm having with my girl. She'll be 4 months on Oct 30.

    After a rocky start with jaundice and a tongue-tie (we had it clipped) and after seeing an IBCLC several times, things seemed to be improving. The IBCLC put me on 90 mg of domperidone a day and I took this for 3 months. M. went from gaining only 1-3 oz per week to gaining a whopping 10oz in 6 days! I was thrilled. My goal was also to drop the 4-6 oz of supplements she was getting in a 24 hour period.

    Fast forward a month later..I weaned myself off domperidone (at the IBCLC's advice and also for financial reasons) but I am still giving some supplements. I'm concerned because my girl is on some kind of a nursing strike so of course, I believe my supply has taken a huge hit.

    I just gave her 5 oz of formula and cried pretty hard afterwards. I do NOT want to give up (giving up for me would be supplementing..NOT quitting altogether) but, I can barely even express a drop of milk from each breast. Diaper output seems ok but, again, I have been supplementing because she just won't nurse. Should I just go in for a weight check? Does anyone have experience with weaning from dom? I can't afford to get back on it so plan B will have to do. Plan B WAS to nurse constantly but she just buries her head towards me, thrashes around and cries. It doesn't help that people are always commenting on how skinny she is. Sigh.

    I want to believe that this is just my supply regulating and it's a 4 month old thing but, I am concerned that it's more than that as I started out with a very fragile supply.

    Thank you

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    Before you dropped the Domperidone, were you able to meet your LO's needs by solely breastfeeding, or were the supplements still in the picture? And how much supplement are you giving per day, and how often are you giving it? Any other possible supply hinderers in the picture- pregnancy, hormonal contraception, thyroid problems, PCOS?

    Not being able to express anything doesn't necessarily mean anything. If you were at one time within 4-6 oz of being able to exclusively breastfeed your baby, I am pretty sure that you have the ability to make sufficient milk, and the root of the problem is breastfeeding management. I'm kind of thinking the issue may be the bottles: if baby is used to getting a lot of bottles she may be trying to tell you that she likes the ease of bottlefeeding, and doesn't want to nurse- it's so much harder! When that sort of thing happens, it's usually best to kick the bottles out of your life and basically give the baby no choice aside from nursing.
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    Default Re: Here We Go...Again

    It sounds to me like this nursing strike came just after weaning from the domperidone? A drop in supply could certainly cause a strike, especially if she gets a faster flow from the bottle.

    Is there any other reason you can think of for the nursing strike?

    Kellymom has some good ideas for things to try. I've been through a couple nursing strikes with DS and the one thing I found that worked was to latch him on after he fell asleep for a nap or at night. Funny how he would not nurse while awake, but was happy to nurse while sleeping/sleepy.


    How did you go about weaning off the domperidone? I was on it myself for a while. Am a bit foggy over the details, but I remember it needs to be done gradually.

    There are other galatogogues you can try. I personally had good results from fenugreek capsules, although they did not work as well as domperidone.


    Not sure what you can do in the meantime. It is important to keep removing milk while she's not nursing. Not everybody has an easy time expressing their milk. Some will have tons of milk in their breasts, but find letting down to a pump challenging. What pump are you using?

    Do not feel bad about using formula. It's a useful too when we need it. Number 1 rule is to feed the baby. It's a good idea to check with your doctor about her weight gain.
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    @Mommal - yes, supplements were in the picture even on domperidone...about 4oz at night and that was it. Now, she is getting about 8-10 oz per a 24 hr period and I think you are right in that the nursing strike has to do with the additional bottles. It's a Catch 22. I have a thing where I try my hardest not to give her any supplements before 6pm. I just want to be able to go about my day without lugging bottles around.

    She nursed pretty well this morning. Don't think she got full but, full enough to be coaxed to sleep for 45 mins.

    I convinced my hub to scraped up the $$ for one more month of domperidone. Just for peace of mind. I really think I have "just enough" while on the dom and weaning off of it (gradually) it what gave my supply a hit. I have tried goat's rue and fenugreek with success as well but, that was in conjunction with the dom. I'm going to try and schedule a weight check this coming week to tell the tale.

    I've never done a pre and post nursing weight. It kinda scares me to do it though.

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    And I don't think I can forego the bottles cold turkey. Tried that and it was a disaster..

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