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Thread: How much Fenugreek??

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    Thanks for all the imput ladies.
    My pumping schedule is 8:30am, 11am, 1:30pm, & 4pm. Then I go home and BF my little guy until the next morning when I get to work. I would like to get 2-3 more ounces a day. So far today I have pumped 2 times and already got 7 1/2 oz. It is a good day today so far. Hopefully it will keep going. I am afraid to take my meds for my UTI, because I am afraid it is effecting my milk production.

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    UTI is SO uncomfortable... even if the meds affect your milk a little bit, once you are off of them you'll feel so much better and you'll be able to pump a lot. I know sometimes it can seem like even one day of less than awesome milk production will have a huge effect on our baby, but a happy, healthy mama will produce more milk than one who is in pain or uncomfortable!

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    if your meds for UTI are antibiotics, it's really important that you finish them, or you build up a resistance to the antibiotic and risk a much worse infection! definitely worth the short-term cost, if any. and a SICK mama also doesn't pump as much.
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