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Thread: Should I be double pumping when LO only nurses on one side?

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    Default Should I be double pumping when LO only nurses on one side?

    Hi Ladies,

    I feel like i've been asking a lot of questions lately, but I'm afraid i'm having some Over Supply issues (I think) and I want to trouble shoot before it gets out of control.

    I have been back to work for 2 weeks--I was double pumping 3x/day and getting about 15-20oz a day. My LO only seems to be eating about 9oz a day (3, 3oz bottles).

    I have cut back to pumping only 2x per day and still ending up with milk leftover each day...I am worried about cutting it too much and ending up with "not enough".

    I double pump, but whenever my LO nurses its only one 1 side at a time....should I be pumping only 1 side??

    also, he doesn't seem to be "reverse cycling"--he still nurses the same amount in the evenings and sleeps through the night.

    Advice is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Should I be double pumping when LO only nurses on one si

    I had that problem too. I've had such a roller coaster ride with pumping tbh I don't know what to do either. I really don't think I did things right either so I'm not suggesting you do this...

    double pumped until I was at the point I was get 12 oz in 15min and nearing on plugged ducts by the next session. (DS was 3-5mo)
    switch to a manual and was getting 6oz from one side in 15 min then at next session did the other boob, it helped get OS under control but almost over night went down to 2oz and I was not able to keep up. (DS was 5-6mo)
    Then I switched to electric single side pumping and this was perfect got 1-2 extra feedings from the pumping each day but not 6 like in the beginning. (DS was 6-9) However, this too suddenly took a nose dive but my pump was acting up and I wasn't really pumping 15 min by the time I troubleshot everything and it started working again.
    So I started double pumping again (DS 9mo til now) and this has helped a lot. And I'm suppose to be getting a replacement pump any day now. So it is yet to be determined if the OS will come back.

    Just sharing my experience. I'm not sure what I could have done differently either but again I just feel like there had to have been a better way.
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    Default Re: Should I be double pumping when LO only nurses on one si

    Your situation sounds similar to mine. My LO also only nurses from one side, but I double pump two times per day. I went back to work when LO was 6 weeks old and for the first couple months was getting at least 6 oz extra per day. I've found that my milk supply tends to calm down after a few months and that happened with this baby as well - after the first few months, I was pumping just a bit more than what she was consuming - maybe 1-2 oz extra per day. If I were you, I would not decrease your pumping further, either down to one session both breasts or two sessions one breast, because then you'd essentially be pumping each breast just once during the day while at work, and I'd worry about getting plugged ducts/possibility of mastitis as well as decreasing your supply. (I did have mastitis with my first baby so since then I've learned to be vigilant about checking my breasts for any signs of plugging, redness, hardness etc and dealing with it ASAP. Haven't had any issues with this baby.)

    During the early months when I was pumping a lot of extra milk, I found that my breasts were quite full on the weekends with baby nursing on demand. So I took my pump home on weekends and would add a pumping session in whenever convenient, again to make sure that breasts were adequately drained. But as my milk supply became better aligned with what baby is drinking, I am no longer having to do that. The good thing is, all this results in a ton of milk in the freezer stash!

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