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Thread: Sleeping and eating association

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    Default Sleeping and eating association

    Im a FTM to a 4 month old who I nurse to sleep. I don't have as big of a concern about her nurse to sleep association as much as her eating and sleeping association. Should I try to feed a small meal as well when she wakes up or during her playtime?

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    What kind of meal are you talking about? I don't understand eating and sleeping association? She's not really old enough for solids and I certainly wouldn't feed her solids while she's about to fall asleep. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are saying.

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    If I understand you correctly, what you're worried about is that sleeping and eating are associated in your LO's mind, is that right? Young babies do tend to fall asleep with nursing. Older babies will fall asleep with nursing if they're tired but if they're wide awake and in play mode but just happen to be hungry, they'll nurse and then get back to playing. I would continue to feed her when she's hungry and not worry about it.

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    It's very normal for babies to fall asleep eating/nursing. I woudn't worry about it. She won't be doing it when she's 18!
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