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Thread: drying up....have low supply to begin with...stopping bf

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    Default Re: drying up....have low supply to begin with...stopping bf

    ok i have no idea if this is doable for you, but it sounds like you live in a big house so...

    have you ever considered hiring a house cleaner, just someone to come in once a week, every two weeks, even once a month?

    i personally resisted this idea like the plague, it seemed like an absurd luxury we could never afford. but now i think its the best money we ever spent. too many weekends were spent cleaning as there was no way i could get to things like the toilets, shower and floors during the week when my boys were tiny...I shopped around and found a good deal, the price range was huge. it was hard at first for me to not see everything they did 'wrong' and get stressed out about it, as i cleaned houses/apartments for a living myself in the past (and boy was i good, i should have charged more!...) but now i am just so happy to have clean bathrooms and kitchen for at least one hour every two weeks...
    We have two bathrooms, one for my husband and I, one for the boys -two little boys without great aim, so yeah, i know about avoiding the troublespots. And its not likethe kids don't have to clean, they do, they still have chores and responsibilities and all that. and a slightly more sane mommy.

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    Default Re: drying up....have low supply to begin with...stopping bf

    maybe i missed this, but if you are a stay at home mom why are you pumping? i would stop pumping and stop supplementing.. again maybe i missed it but that doesnt make sense to me.

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