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Thread: Weaning party criteria and ideas

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    Well....I want you to know that before DJ went 2 weeks with out nursing he went to every other day and then every couple of days. I am just telling you that so you don't get all frustrated when it's not over in the next 2 weeks.
    We had a blowout party. And we went somewhere where I have NEVER EVER taken him before. And was really quite opposed to. Chuckie Cheese. It was the largest proverbial carrot ever. Really. And it loomed in front of him for 6 months. He wanted to go. Bad. But it still took 6 months of it being on the table for him to pull it out. Lyn and her whole family came down from washington with her two nurslings. And A bunch of his friends from preschool came. One thing you could do is buy her a "big girl" gift. DJ best gift was a sleeping bag. That felt like a real grown up present to a 4.5 year old.

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    Yeah, I know she may still ask and I guess I don't care too much except that it is so painful to nurse now and I have absolutely no milk (which I think makes it more painful).

    We have told her she's a big girl but I'll have to think if/what gift would be appropriate or that she would like.
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    For us it was the build up. Talking about it and hyping Max up. He chose a toy and we had a separate birthday and weaning celebration. He has nursed after but only a handful of time in the past year.
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    For a 3 year old a party of 3 is still a party...Make it fun, go to the dollar store and buy decorations. Make a cake. Etc. My 4 year old still thinks that's a "party".
    AM used to ask still after 2 weeks...but you can re-direct easier once they haven't been nursing for a while.
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