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Thread: Mastisis without fever? Blurry Vision/BrainFog when engorged

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    Default Mastisis without fever? Blurry Vision/BrainFog when engorged

    Ok so first some back story.. My daughter is 11 months. I work in the office 2X a week. In the beginning my supply was good and I would pump 2-3 times a day. That slowly turned into 1 time a day as she got older and my supply went down. A couple of times I was so busy during the day at work that I would not pump at all that day and would be so tired I would think ok I'd rather just go home and pump there than waste time doing it here.. when that would happen I would have a hard time driving home. I would start to feel dizzy and brain fog and trouble driving and seeing correctly. It was a certain feeling that I would know meant I needed to pump or nurse. And each time it happened I would regret not doing it before I left. Yes I know this is bad.. (going from 7am-7pm without somehow draining the breast) During our entire year of breastfeeding I have never had diagnosed mastitis or anything or even any clogged ducts that I know of.

    So lately I've been feeling fatigued, and having some brain fog, which I have had on & off for years and which could be any number of reasons, and I do have some vitamin defecienices that I am supplementing for. BUT then about 3 weeks ago it suddenly got worse. I get VERY fatigued. I can't focus. I have severe brain fog. My body is achy most of the time. Sometimes I get dizzy. I also started having vision problems almost constantly. At first I kept trying to clean my glasses. If you have ever had a migraine with aura it feels almost like a very very low grade migraine visual aura. I am having a VERY hard time driving at night. I can't describe the way it is but I feel like I have to lean forward, stare with my eyes wide open and focus VERY hard or I can't see properly. It feels so strange. At work I have a hard time focusing on the screen. I feel like I'm sick but without being sick .. no sniffles .. fever .. etc. Yesterday I noticed a swollen lymph node in my neck that has been causing my neck to hurt.

    I have had a lump in my breast for a few months - a big one - so I had a mammogram and breast ultrasound that they said were fine - but no details. The past few weeks both breasts feel very lumpy and I don't remember them feeling that way before.

    I have been wondering if I could have a plugged duct or mastitis but I have NO fever at all.
    • Is it possible to have plugged duct / mastitis for 3 weeks with no fever..?
    • Does anyone else ever feel this way when engorged or having a plugged duct?
    • Or could this all be related to my supply going down?

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    Default Re: Mastisis without fever? Blurry Vision/BrainFog when engo

    Welcome to the forum!

    It is possible to have a plugged duct for several weeks without getting a fever. As far as I know, it is not possible to have mastitis with no fever, since an infection isn't going to present without some symptoms in addition to a lump- things like fever, chills, pain, redness, flu-like body aches. I've had a lot of plugged ducts and one mild case of mastitis, and with those things I never experienced brain fog, migraine-like visual disturbances, or dizziness. However, some moms do seem to experience some rather weird things while they're weaning, related to the hormonal shifts that come with the cessation of milk production. That being said, I think you should see a doctor. The vision changes in particular don't seem like the sort of thing that can be caused by breastfeeding/not breastfeeding/plugged ducts.

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    Default Re: Mastisis without fever? Blurry Vision/BrainFog when engo

    When I had mastitis I did not have a fever, but did feel achy and exhausted, and my breast was red and hard. However, you could also have something totally unrelated to breastfeeding going on. Either way, I agree with mommal that you need to see your doctor. Take care of yourself mama!

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