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Thread: Going back to work in 4 weeks - help!

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    Default Going back to work in 4 weeks - help!

    Hi there!

    My LO is 11 weeks old and I will be returning to work in 4 weeks. She has only ever nursed on one breast at a time. Earlier on, if I offered her both breasts she would vomit violently as it was too much milk. So we have a nice rhythm going as I alternate breasts each feed (every 3 hours).

    The other day I wanted to see if she would take a bottle, so as she napped and feeding time approached, I pumped (Medela POS) the breast she was supposed to nurse from and only got 1 oz! I was bummed and scared thinking I was totally disrupting her feeding and was only pumping 1 oz.

    My question is, I'd like to pump from both breasts as that is what I will do when I get back to work... but since she only nurses from one breast at a time if I start pumping now I feel like I will totally screw up her feeds. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? I don't even know the right questions to ask, b/c I am so confused and don't know where to start. Should I pump both breasts after nursing her each time to increase milk supply? Should I only pump one breast? Should I start nursing her from both breasts? Oh man..........

    Any advice and help is greatly appreciated - thank you so much.

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    Default Re: Going back to work in 4 weeks - help!

    What I did was to pump once a day right after a feeding, preferably in the morning since that's when you have the most milk. I did pump from both breasts, and would get more from the breast that the baby hadn't nursed on. (My baby also tends to drink from just one breast.) If you pump right after the baby's feeding, there is plenty of time for the milk to re-accumulate before the next feeding. You can start building up your freezer stash and as a bonus, your body gets used to making a little more milk than your baby's drinking, so when I went back to work, I was actually pumping more than the baby was drinking in the day - allowing further build-up of the freezer stash. I wouldn't change what you're doing in terms of nursing baby, sounds like that is going well.
    In terms of how many times a day to pump in these next four weeks, I would start with just once a day, but if you feel like you're not getting enough saved up, or your pump output is not that great, you could gradually try doing more.

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    Default Re: Going back to work in 4 weeks - help!

    at first when you pump you won't get much, but keep the same time for a week and y our supply will grow.
    also lots of people have a hard time letting down for the pump; you cna find good suggestions on here about relaxation, massage, breast compression, viewing pics of your baby, etc to help cue your baby. but also: an oz from one breast is actually not bad for the first time pumping. most moms have to pump more than once to get one feeding's worth.
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