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Thread: Possible milk allergy

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    Default Possible milk allergy

    So my new pedi says that the baby MIGHT have a milk allergy, we are attempting to eliminate all other possibilities first. Here's what we've done, tell me what you ladies think. DD throws up constantly and I mean EVERYTIME she eats, and not spit up, throws up. So I took her to the dr. because that cant be normal right? Also she is having a lot more runny brownish green diapers and fewer and fewer yellow seedy. She cries her eyes out while shes's eating, it takes FOREVER to get through one feedng, because she pops off every few seconds and screams, she cries in her sleep from what I assume is gas. The dr. checked her throat and ears etc.... her throat is super red, the dr. says from the constant throwing up. So we have switched her form Zantac to Prevacid which sucks because it is in a pill form that I have to smash up and give to her, which in turn she gags on, obviously, as shes only ever had breastmilk, and half the time she throws it up. I havent eaten dairy in well over 3 weeks, so now he has said she may have an actual milk allergy. I DO NOT want to stop breastfeeding, I would feel like a complete failure!! The Dr. is not a certified lactation consultant, so I would like yalls opinion. I am attending my breast feeding support group today and I will also get their input. ANY ADVICE is appreciated

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    Try this site for some information on dairy allergies. particularly does she have any other symptoms? It sounds like it could be oversupply as well. By three weeks you should have seen some improvement. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is baby cannot be allergic to breastmilk. They can have disorders that hinder their ability to digest certain proteins and fats though. I would not take the doctor's word if he's simply saying she's allergic to your milk, stop bfing. I'd need something a little more conclusive.

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    It does sound like it could be oversuppy. I just read yesterday (in a LLL publication) that it is not really possible for babies to be allergic to human milk. When I had oversupply with my DS around 6 weeks, he would eat and eat and then throw up and scream and cry like he was hungry, only to eat more and then throw it up again. Plus the diaper changes you have noticed also match oversupply. My DS also had dairy sensitivity but we didn't figure that out until a couple weeks later, after the improvement from block feeding fixed the oversupply issues. Three weeks w/o dairy is a long time, I noticed improvement with my DS after only several days.

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