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Thread: What type of pump should I get to pump at work?

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    Unhappy What type of pump should I get to pump at work?

    I am breastfeeding my 7 week old son and have a full time job. He has to eat mostly formula while i am at work because I am not allowed much time to pump and my supply won't increase. They allow me to pump on my 15 minute breaks but we have badges to unlock certain doors and i must make it back within 15 minutes or I get in trouble. Every 3 tardies are considered an absence and 6 absences means I'm fired. Currently I have a single pump meant for occasional use and by the time i get to my locker around the other 60 people taking their break at the same time, make it to the conference room, put my pump and water down, go get the privacy sign from the office, set up the pump and turn it on its already been five minutes. Then I have to wash the pieces dry them and put them away afterwards which takes about 4 minutes which means i have a total of 6 minutes to pump both sides which is 3 minutes per side.... I can get 4 to 6 oz the first break at 5:45 pm then 3 to 4 oz at 10:15 pm on my second break. They said if i need longer than 20 minutes I have to clock out which means i have to stop pumping go clock out and resume pumping and they don't understand how that is impractical. I really need advice on what pump to get because all of the double electric ones I've been looking at would take too long to clean afterwards and I don't have a place to let them dry... I just need help, I don't know how long my supply will continue in these conditions. I already went through losing the ability to feed my daughter almost 2 and a half years ago, I don't want my supply to dry up again with my son

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    A mom who is working full-time needs a good double electric pump. The Medela Pump in Style or the Hygeia seem to be good options for a lot of moms. You actually do not need to wash everything between uses as long as you have access to refrigeration. You can leave the pump parts screwed onto the bottle, pop them into the fridge (maybe in a nice clean ziploc bag) and just reuse the same set-up the next time you have to pump. My lactation consultant said it was okay to do this one time before washing everything again.

    I would talk to your HR department about this situation. Hopefully there's a little more flexibility to your job than you've been led to believe...? Maybe they can find a different place for you to pump, one closer to your workplace. Or stagger your break time so that you go off-shift before everyone else, and resume your work before, enabling you to avoid the traffic jam in the locker room. Even a minute or two would probably be enough to let you scoot through the locker room unimpeded. And get your own "Privacy" sign so that you don't have to make an additional stop at the office.

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    Default Re: What type of pump should I get to pump at work?

    When I pumped at work I would pour both bottles of milk into one, put the cap on and then put it into my cooler pack and then screw bottles back onto both pump flange/horn things and leave it all assembled in my pump bag and stuff the horns with paper towels so they wouldn't drip any bit of milk and then my next pump break I could start pumping right away. I would wash them when I got home in the evening. I would ask your supervisor, though, if they could give you more time or something.
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    You definitely need a double electric pump! (Though I also agree with PP about seeing whether you can work out a more favorable situation. But even if you can, you need a double electric pump.)

    I use the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, a double electric pump, and it has worked really, really well for me. It is more efficient than two other pumps I've tried, the Medela Free Style and the Medela Pump in Style (non-advanced). I've never tried the Ameda or Hygeia.

    Here's another tip given the very limited amount of time you have. With the PISA, you can get an extra set of the funnels and membranes (probably with other pumps too, I'm just not familiar with their setups). Before you go to work, get everything assembled: two sets of bottles with the funnels and membranes attached (four altogether). On your first break, you use one pair. When you're done, throw the funnels/membranes into a plastic bag and put your milk in the cooler (don't forget to bring the bottle caps). On the second break, you use the other pair, again when you're done put the bottle caps on the milk and throw the funnels and membranes into the bag. That way, you don't have to wash anything while you are at work or worry about refrigerating them, and you can spend all the time you have pumping. (There's nothing else that needs cleaning, at least with the Medela PISA.) When you get home, wash everything to be ready for the next day.

    Medela also makes wipes that you can use to quickly clean the pump parts. They're kind of expensive though so I think over the long term it's cheaper to just buy a second set of parts. And again, then you don't waste the precious time you have cleaning.

    It sounds like you do well with the pump if you're already able to get 3 oz in 3 minutes, so I think you'll do great with a double electric.

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