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Thread: Chronic nasal congestion?

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    Default Chronic nasal congestion?

    My DD (6.5 months old) seems to have chronic nasal congestion that develops into a nasty cough which ends up being bronchitis/sinus infection which requires treatment with an antibiotic (twice) and even an oral steriod this last round.

    This started when she started daycare so it's hard to say what's just germs and viruses and which might be allergies.

    She has no other symptoms that would indicate a food allergy - never had a trace of eczema, no diaper rashes (other than from the antibiotics), has normal-looking stools.

    Any thoughts? The ped just thinks "allergies" - I guess because there are no other indications of food allergies we're just chalking it up to environmental allergies?

    She has not started solids as she has no interest (we've tried some but not pushed it - she's really NOT interested!)

    DS had similar issues (without the nasty cough) at this age BUT with eczema. We had him allergy tested around 6 months and it was all negative. He does not have any food allergies and now as a 3 year old just has some mild seasonal allergies.
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    Default Re: Chronic nasal congestion?

    The most common environmental allergies are pets and smoking (even if one of the DCP workers smokes it can cause the LOs to react) Is she exposed to any of this?

    My son has really bad congestion but it is mostly due to his very severe laryngopharyngeal reflux. (no spit up but you can hear it come up and he coughs and stuff). ARe there any other symptoms of reflux? Even mild reflux can cause allergy like symptoms. What we do for my DS is reflux meds, I have NO caffeine not even chocolate, and one sometimes two doses of benadryl at night because it helps dry out the congestion and keep him cough, ear infection, and upper respiratory infection free.

    Ask your pediatrician about it though before you do any of that because they told us that unless it is really needed before 6 months they don't recommend allergy meds because they increase the risk of SIDS fairly significantly so we just waited it out until 9 mo appt and he was mobile.
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