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Thread: I need to get my supply back....HELPPPPPP

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    Default I need to get my supply back....HELPPPPPP

    My son is now 6 weeks old and I think I just gave up on BF altogether but I really don't want to....I am frustrated and disheartened. When I gave birth they took him and I didn't see him for a few hours even thought I told them I wanted to BF exclusively. My son wouldn't latch on and wouldn't even take the bottle at first and so I told them to keep trying with bottle and slowly he took to the bottle. He wasn't latching on and I wasn't producing milk. I didn't even get him the colostrum as the hospital was not helpful ( I delivered Labor Day weekend and it seemed like I was an inconvenience). My son was Jaundice and so the pediatrician said snot to BF until he was cleared which was when he was 10 days old. In the meantime I pumped and started getting somewhere was up to about 4 oz per session. Once I got the clearing was hard bc he would latch on bc he was used to bottle feeding so I got a nipple shield and we had take off. However, it felt like my supply dwindled and he would fuss bc he wasn't getting enough and it was so painful. He would nurse for almost 2 hours, sleep for 29 minutes and want more but I was too sore so I started supplementing with formula during some feedings surfing the day and all feedings during the night. My supply is shot....I started taking Fenugreek and Blessed thistle pills, started drinking more water, no caffeine and made sure to eat (which is possibly the hardest of all the things) but still nothing. I had a few feedings that were awesome but more often then none he was screaming at me til I wanted to cry. Even when I pump I would only get about 2oz and now it's even less than that. I don't leak anymore, my boobs don't get engorged, they aren't hard. I just gave up yesterday....I didn't attempt to BF but I'm so sad about it.I hate quitting at anything and i feel like i quit on my son Today he is having issues with his Bowel Movements which was happening before when I wasn't BF and I feel like it got better once I was BF. So now I am motivated by his bowel issues to try again. Is it too late or can I get my supply back? And if so HOW? Should I just start pumping every hour until its back up?

    HELP please

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    Default Re: I need to get my supply back....HELPPPPPP

    It sounds to me like you don't want to give up, SO DON'T!!! You can do this. You need to stimulate your breasts with nursing and pumping at least every 2-3 hours around the clock and your supply will respond. As much as you can, stay in bed with your baby and nurse, snuggle skin-to-skin. And pump, pump, pump, at least every time that you give any supplements and after every feeding if possible. It won't be forever but right now this is your best chance to get that milk production up. And it will happen, you just need to nurse and pump A LOT. Rent a hospital-grade pump (it might be expensive but your insurance might cover it, and if not, it is still going to be a lot cheaper than forumla and you won't need it forever) TODAY and get going. You can do it, mama. If I were you I would also try to get in to see an IBCLC ASAP--the hands-on help and encouragement and expertise helped me SO MUCH. I'm not an expert so I hope more moms will chime in, but I do know you can do this and you WILL DO IT. And when you do, this difficulty will all be a distant memory and you'll be nursing your baby like it's second nature!!!
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    Default Re: I need to get my supply back....HELPPPPPP

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and advice. I tried to BF him today and he is just screaming. I pumped up some milk and put him right on and he still just screams. I only got three pumping sessions in today bc I'm actually coming down with flu. The last session I literally got drops....so little that nothing actually fell into the bottle. The other two feedings I got about .5 oz. I'm gonna keep trying and hopefully he won't keep rejecting it.

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    It sounds like you had some terrible advice early on and breastfeeding got off track. Getting back on track will take effort, but it can and has been done by many many moms.
    here is the thing-you know you are not one of the (very, very rare) cases of moms who have pre-exisiting conditions that make it so they cannot make milk or only make very little no matter what they do. how do you know? because you were pumping up to 4 ounces at a time which is v. good amount to pump especially in early weeks. so if you are able to pump effectively and/or get baby nursing effectively Frequently, you can in all likelyhood turn this around. but it would require frequent and effective milk extraction. galactagogues help many moms produce better, but the frequent milk extraction-8-10 times in 24 hours-is key for getting milk production up to where it needs to be ort at teh very least to the best YOU can produce. Most mothers can produce enough if not more than enough to exclusively breastfeed thier babies, but even if you ultimately cannot, breastfeeding need not be all or nothing.

    Your baby has been taught to not know how to nurse with all the bottles. So he will need to relearn how to nurse. You can do this while you are working on increasing milk production.
    I am curious where or from who you have been getting lactation assistance and what kind of a pump you are using.

    i would suggest if you have not already, get the book(s) Making More Milk and/or The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition)

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    Default Re: I need to get my supply back....HELPPPPPP

    You need to pump WAAAAAYY More than 3 times in any day sick or not to get your supply back up. If you are serious about this,it needs to be AT LEAST 10-12 times in a 24hour period. Literally MORE OFTEN than your baby eats because formula is harder on their system and takes longer to digest so you aren't even feeding your baby as often as you would be nursing. It's one of the reasons your supply TANKS when you supplement. So Tomorrow pump at least 6times and the next day 8. And then 10. And then AT LEAST from then on. It's all supply and demand. If you only demand milk 3 times a day your body can't take you seriously. Because that obviously isn't enough to feed a baby. And it's not like that. You can not this early only stimulate your breast 3 times a day and have your body produce. Every 2-3 hours. AT LEAST. That is what needs to happen if you want to breastfeed. And I recommend a nurse in this weekend.

    Way too lazy for formula

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