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Thread: Not sure what to do next...

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    My Baby is 7 weeks old this week And has been gaining weight well but breastfeeding has been really difficult for us and i am now at a place where i have no clue what to do next.
    I want to breastfeed more than anything in the world but I am finding this more difficult to do.
    I have seen two lactation consultants and had a postpartum doula come in to help with breastfeeding. We first saw an LC after we came home from the hospital, unfortunately we never saw an LC in the hospital and were in desperate need of help to get latched properly when we got home. This LC helped us get latched but my son was still latching shallowly and causing nipple pain. Next we had a doula come in to help, she also helped with BF but couldn't get baby to latch any deeper so we saw another LC. The next LC said that baby had a slight tongue tie but helped us with new positioning to help get Baby attached in laid-back. This worked for about a week and then he would only latch in cradle hold, however I was still dealing with cracked nipples. My doctor took a look at my nipples and prescribed Dr. Newman's triple antibiotic nipple cream, to help with my cracked sore nipples. Finally I have a little nipple relief but now my baby is not latching correctly at all.
    It seems that rather than sucking the nipple baby is only taking the nipple and licking- no suction. It seems really weird. I am really not sure what to do at this point as it seems that Baby is getting milk but the process is now really messy, we are both ending up soaked during a feeding and I am not sure how much milk baby is taking in. Baby is also getting frustrated some of the time and wailing at the breast. I believe I have a bit of an over active let down which is why baby can lick and end up with a mouth of milk. Or latch shallowly and end up with a large mouth of milk.
    I am to the point of feeling at a loss as to what to do... I really want to breastfeed my baby but he doesn't seem to want to breastfeed. I am also afraid our breastfeeding failure is getting in the way of bonding and our relationship.
    Baby is currently having 1 bottle per day given to him by his dad. This has mostly been happening when BFing has been too hard and baby is only licking and the process has become too frustrating.
    I have though of turning to pumping and feeding but my breast don't seem to empty as well with a pump and I really like having him close. I also really want to BF for a year and I don't know if pumping and feeding could be sustained for 1 year. I am willing to make the commitment but worry about keeping up milk supply.

    I don't know what to do at this point.

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    I never pumped but read here that pumping is WAY harder than breastfeeding (breastfeeding becomes SUPER easy after a few months)

    My advice is, keep trying with the latch but if your nipples don't hurt anymore and if your DS is making enough wet and dirty diapers, I wouldn't worry and would keep going. It really gets easy, super easy and fun after a few months.

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    It actually sounds like while there are many frustrations, you ARE successfully breast feeding your baby. Pumping is much harder than breast feeding over the long term. Have you looked at the information on OALD? I know that messy, frustrating breast feeding is emotionally draining, but keep in the front of your mind that you are doing it. Your baby is gaining weight, and it is from your breast milk.

    Are the LCs you are seeing certified? When was the last time you saw one? Babies grow so fast, the problems you were having in the beginning may be slightly different than the ones you are having now. Can you go to an LLLI meeting for support? It sounds like you are really close to a successful, mutually satisfying breast feeding relationship, but may need a few tweaks to get there. Hang in there!

    DS Ethan 12/16/2008
    Breast fed/pumped 11 months as a surgical resident, 80 hours a week at work
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    Feel like we've gotten a strong start

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    I believe I have a bit of an over active let down which is why baby can lick and end up with a mouth of milk. Or latch shallowly and end up with a large mouth of milk.
    This is very possible-is it possible your letdown is so forceful it is PREVENTING baby from wanting to latch well? If so, there is lots to do for forceful letdown IF that is causing any issues. I have overproduction and overactive letdown and my baby will sometimes kind of just lick my nipple as the milk shoots out. But she also is able to latch and nurse fine. If she was ONLY able to lap up the shooting milk I would be concerned, as eventually your supply will regulate and the forceful letdown will probably become less.

    But if the issue is your baby still cannot latch after all the help you have been given, it may be time to revisit the tt suspicion and have your baby assessed for tt by someone who knows how to diagnose and treat it. One of your LC's should be able to suggest someone. Also keep trying every technique you have been given, what did not work before my start to work as baby gets older and bigger.

    As long as baby is gaining OK I would strongly suggest avoiding bottles, supplementing, and pumping. A baby learns to breastfeed by breastfeeding. All these interventions, while of course great WHEN NEEDED, tend to cause more issues.

    get Baby attached in laid-back. This worked for about a week and then he would only latch in cradle hold,
    I love laid back and have seen it work wonders with latch. but with my new baby I had terrible nipple pain in the early weeks and found I had to work really hard at latching her very carefully using the "breast sandwich" technique. So I sat up to get baby latched in cross cradle, and then I leaned back. "laid back" refers to the moms position, baby can be in any position including cradle or cross cradle.

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