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Thread: Questions about Breastfeeding

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    Reading the previous post made me remember that I wished we had had more pillows in the hospital. I gave birth at a very breastfeeding-friendly hospital but they really came up short on the pillows!! If I were going to do it again, I would bring about 4 extra pillows with me. I might not bring them all in but I'd have them in the car so they're available. We made sure that when my mother in law came to visit us in the hospital after the baby was born we made sure she brought a bunch of extras. At least for me, when I was first getting started, I wanted about 5 pillows around me at all times--2 behind my back, one under each arm and one to wedge in to where ever wasn't supported.

    Also, don't be surprised if your milk comes in suddenly and is gushing everywhere or takes some time and you never leak. Everyone is different. Mine took a few days to come in and it was more gradual than a lot of moms I talk to; I never really got engorged or leaked milk until my baby was a few weeks old. Leaking milk all over yourself when your baby starts crying in the grocery store is certainly a lovely rite of passage of motherhood, but if it doesn't happen, or if it doesn't happen early on, it doesn't mean you're not making enough!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kerragori View Post
    Unfortunately, unless baby girl decides to flip, I will have to have a c-section due to the unusual shape of my uterus and how much she likes to cuddle in breeched positions. Knowing I probably will need to have a c-section makes me want to ensure I am prepared for nursing when she arrives, just in case she has a problem latching on due to a less vigorous birth.
    I hope baby decides to flip!!! Just FTR, I have known babies who haven't gone head-down until 37-38 weeks. One was my second baby- she was just sooooo comfortable hanging out transverse, which would have necessitated a c-section. But right at 37 weeks she decided to get herself into position. I can't tell you how relieved I was!

    Has anyone suggested the Spinning Babies website to you? http://www.spinningbabies.com/. It has lots of things you can try to get baby in a better position! My midwife told me that in the old days, women were advised to scrub their kitchen floor on hands and knees every day, as a way to get the baby into a good position. That head down, butt in the air position is supposed to be good for encouraging a baby to flip. And I guess you'd end up with a super-clean floor!

    There are a lot of moms on this forum who have c-sections, and who have nursed successfully afterwards. Maybe post a specific question regarding tips for post c-section nursing?
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    Also, be prepared, and have your support be prepared (husband or whoever) that your only job in the first few weeks is nursing. Nursing. Nursing. Not cleaning, cooking, laundry, socializing, etc. Nursing. My husband fed me bites of food when my first was born. Another idea is to scope out where you think you'd like to be glued to a seat for several weeks. Couch? Glider? Bed? I was incredibly thirsty with nursing, so having water bottles that are easily portable is great too. Record a bunch of TV shows, find some junk novels that you like, whatever, because you are going to be doing a lot of sitting while you nurse. It's normal. It's expected. But it can be surprising the first few weeks. If your other half has to go back to work right away, having someone come in to help you, whether it's relatives or hiring a post partum doula is really helpful. If this isn't possible, it needs to be clear that your #1 priority is feeding the baby, and the rest of running a house is not. happening. Also, I wish I had scheduled a "check in" with a LC after birth, just to improve latch and check in. If everything is going great, fine, but that way you have it in your pocket if you are having trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kerragori View Post
    Unfortunately, unless baby girl decides to flip, I will have to have a c-section due to the unusual shape of my uterus and how much she likes to cuddle in breeched positions. Knowing I probably will need to have a c-section makes me want to ensure I am prepared for nursing when she arrives, just in case she has a problem latching on due to a less vigorous birth.

    If there is any other advice, please send it my way.
    Missed this earlier. I had a c-section due to my daughter being footling breech. I second Spinning Babies, as a lot of their techniques are low-risk and basically free. I also did something called Moxibustion with a chinese medicine practitioner. That was low-risk and fairly cheap--ran about $40 bucks. I did consider the external cephalic version with my OB, but it was discovered that the placenta was in a place that would make it very risky. I had started investigating Webster Technique, but ran out of time.

    I considered waiting to go into labor just to see if she'd turn and not scheduling a c-section, but in the end I decided to schedule one. I went back and forth about this decision because there was part of me that felt like I was losing faith in my baby, if that makes any sense. But in the end, my rational self felt that a scheduled c-section was less risky knowing that we had a complication in advance. We scheduled a section for my 40th week of pregnancy, a few days before my original due date. All of that was for naught however, as I woke up a few days before that in active labor. I actually had to be knocked out for my c-section as the anesthesia was not taking effect quickly enough and things were starting to get hairy. I was disappointed that I wasn't conscious, but I would like to emphasize that I did get to nurse my daughter within the hour of her being born. I'm not exactly sure how soon it was as time had no real meaningfor a while, but I know it was within an hour. She latched right on without any problems and the staff was very helpful.

    I'm not telling you this to scare you or to think that she won't turn over, but just to let you know even if things go completely well, it is still possible to establish nursing early on. The best thing I can tell you is to definitely invest in a nursing pillow. It not only gives the baby support, but it will also keep her out of your incision area, which will be pretty sore for a while. I second the suggestion of water bottles and getting an area set up for nursing--couch, chair, etc. Arrange for help and make it very clear that nursing is your only job duty. If you have family coming to help, then explain to them ahead of time the sort of thing that you will need and, maybe even more importantly, what you don't need (my parents decided to rearrange my bathroom cupboards, not helpful).

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    What you need:
    1)The book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition-2010) Read the first four chapters before baby if you can and bring it with you to the hospital. Read the section on birth even if it makes you sad with a looming c-section. I had all my kids via c-section both planned and unplanned (the surgeries not the kids) and it really helps to know what a 'normal' birth looks like to know what to aim for in the hours post surgery and also to make sense of feelings/hormonal things etc.

    2) -phone number for your local lll leader(s) or any breastfeeding helper(s). You may have questions in the hospital. it would really help if you could call some ahead of time just so you know they are someone you feel comfortable with and that they won't be on vacation or something.

    3)knowledge about what is perfectly normal and ok in the newborn period vs. what is not. besides the womanly art, this article gives some good tips on that-http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    4) Know as much as possible what to expect during and after the birth. If a c-section is likely, find out all you can about c-sections and your options. I was surprised at my last c-section how accommodating my doctor was with my desires about not cutting the cord too soon, letting me not have my arms tied, having a mirror so I could 'watch." etc. (I chickened out but anyway..)
    if you have 'special' requests, make them. To the doctors and nurses this is another surgery in a day full of surgeries. to you, this will be your baby's birth. it is beyond special and unique and has permanent meaning for you. as much as possible it should be the way you want it to be.

    Also be prepared to feel mentally altered by the spinal and the pain medication you will be on post-op. Yes you are awake and coherent, but you cannot put that amount of powerful drugs into someone that they are numbed from the chest down and it not affect the mind. basically you will probably feel weird during and after the surgery. that is normal and it goes away.
    look into laid back breastfeeding aka biological nurturing. Helpful in any case but REALLY helpful for post-op moms as you will be in no shape to 'sit up' to nurse in the so called traditional positions.

    i found the following info very helpful for my third c-section. (my first two were before this idea came about) the video shows a real c-section procedure so, just be aware.

    article 'natural'-c-section http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/...rpc=22&sp=true

    'natural' c-section video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5RIcaK98Yg

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