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Thread: 10 month old only nurses well at night

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    Unhappy 10 month old only nurses well at night

    My 10 month old daughter has just recently decided that instead of a normal nursing, she just wants to take a few sips and be on her way. She isn't into baby food, and will come take a nibble at what I'm eating, but will then leave and resume playing. I am just worried that she might be weaning herself. She still nurses great at night, but I am not sure if its because she is too interested in playing that she doesn't want to eat. She isn't starving or I know she would be freaking out for boob, but I don't know what to do, or if this is normal behavior...

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    This sort of behavior is really common with older babies. They are so distracted by all the fun things around them that they neglect to nurse. Usually they make up for the missed daytime feedings by nursing more at night, which can be very tiring for mom!

    2 things that might help get your LO to nurse more during the day:
    - try nursing in a low distraction environment, like a darkened bedroom
    - wear a nursing necklace so baby has something to play with while she feeds- that may keep her at the breast a little longer

    Patience and persistence is really important right now! Try not to let nursing turn into a power struggle or a stress generator, because that really can hasten weaning.

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