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Thread: Fussy fussy fussy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*3kidsmama View Post
    Well, she checked out perfectly fine. Her gums are pretty puffy, so she's working on teeth. We saw a different doctor than our usual pediatrician, but I really liked her. She said it sounded like a nursing strike to her - possibly related to teething, or maybe for no obvious reason. She encouraged me to relax and back off of (trying to) feeding her so often...but obviously whenever she asks. I think I've just been expecting her to want to eat everytime I'm offering. Doc said that if she only cues 6-7 times a day, that would be okay (and of course, any more is great too.) That kind of surprised me - I thought a 4 month old should still be nursing closer to the 8-10 per day?

    Anyway, I'm going to do my best to back off and relax and watch for her cues. My son was a 26 week preemie who was diagnosed with failure to thrive and had a feeding tube for 3.5 years, so I have very heavy baggage surrounding feeding...that I'm doing my best to work through in therapy!
    You're doing great. Hang in there!
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    Thanks for the encouragement!

    Re: the doc's advise. I really think she thinks that a minimum of 6-7 nursings for a 4 month old is enough. She didn't say to restrict her or anything at all...just not to worry if she only wants to eat that often...

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