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    Hi everyone. My daughter turned one a couple of weeks ago and still breadtfeeds a lot, having never taken a bottle. She probably feeds around every 3 hours if we're at home but maybe about 5 hours if we're out and about.*

    Anyway, I went back to work today after a years maternity leave, which meant I had to leave her with a childminder for 10 hours.*

    By the time I got home she was absolutely hysterical and obviously hungry as she is also teething really badly and so didn't eat much solid food. She had two massive feeds between me getting home and going to bed and then was sick everywhere. I think this was just *from where she was so hungry and then took in so much milk. I feel terrible for her.*

    Also by around lunch time today my breasts started to feel really full. I spent most of my afternoon in the loo trying to hand express some milk as I was getting really uncomfortable.*

    Has anyone got any advice on how I can make this easier for both of us? I'm only working two days a week, Monday and Tuesday, but I'm just dreading going through all this again tomorrow *

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    pump and leave the milk for her?
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    I would pump, at least to relieve engorgement and maybe a bit more. A hand pump and one 15-20 minute break may be all that you need to relieve engorgement and pump a little milk. Otherwise, I would worry that you will get mastitis from trying to cut back too quickly! And hopefully she will take the milk by cup? I hope it gets easier very soon!

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    Will she take breastmilk in a sippy cup? The teething could be causing alot of distress too. My daughter just turned 13 months and had a fever for 5 days, wouldn't eat anything other than nursing once or twice a day. She got sick a couple times too. Then I noticed at day 3 of her having a fever she had cut through one of her top molars. Then 2 days later I noticed the other top molar cut through too. And like you on top of it all I had just returned to work after having a year off with her. Is there anyway her caretaker can bring her to you on your lunch break at work maybe to nurse? And you could pump like the ladies suggested above. I feel for you! It will get better with time. Good luck to you!
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