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Thread: How much milk creates problems in baby?

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    Default How much milk creates problems in baby?

    My 13 week old has always spit up a bit, but in the last few weeks she's doing it much more. We go through at least three bibs a day, sometimes all three in the morning! The only thing I can think is that I use cow's milk in my cereal and usually have a yogurt each day. Do you think I should cut even this small use of dairy out of my diet? The only information I can find on the internet says that it should be over with around 8-10 months, but I'd like to make sure I'm doing everything I can to reduce it right now. (Btw she is eating/gaining/pooping just fine!)
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: How much milk creates problems in baby?

    Is she uncomfortable when she spits, or does she seem okay? In a happy, healthy, growing, otherwise normal baby, spit-up is a laundry issue, not a health issue. And it's not usually caused by mom's consumption of dairy. It's just a normal part of infancy. Human babies are born relatively weak and underdeveloped, relative to other mammals. A newborn foal can stand and run within a couple hours of birth. All a newborn human can do is lie there! So not only are a newborn human's legs and arms and neck weak, so too are her internal muscles, including the ones that keep stomach contents down where they belong. But just as a baby's leg, arm, and neck muscles will grow stronger, so will her internal ones. That's why spit-up is usually gone by around 6 months.

    Going through 3 bibs a day is NOTHING. My girls spit up after every meal. My younger one once spit up right in her Dad's eye!
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