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    Hi everyone! I am currently bfing my third child who is 3 weeks old. It was going very well until about 2 days ago my right breast gets extremely painful when he latches on- like he is pinching but he has a good latch. It lso gets painful throughout the day too- painful let down as well as pain shooting through breast. I am not sure what is causing this but it is becoming too uncomfortable to nurse on that side! Any tips/suggestions would be great!! Thanks: )

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    So sorry to hear! are you taking ibuprofen for the pain?

    I had the shooting pains through the breast when I had thrush, but I experience the pinchy nipple pain due to reynaud's syndrome and a pesky vasospasm ( hate it!)


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    Is your breast red/hot to touch? Have you looked inside your LO's mouth for signs of thrush there? It could be thrush or it could be a blocked duct (I've just gotten rid of one that gave me horrible pain whilst nursing and a shooting pain when not nursing) Does the pain ease as you nurse? Definately get checked for thrush or blocked ducts, I reckon.

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    Hmmm. Vasospasm is a good guess. It would also sound like thrush, except it would be a little odd for thrush to happen on one side only. Could happen, just unusual.

    I also had excruciating pain on one side with my third baby who is now 2 months old. For me, it did turn out to be plain old latch issues although I and my friends suspected thrush, tongue tie, etc.

    IN many ways it appeared my baby could latch great, latch looked good and she was getting milk and lots of it-but it was VERY painful when she nursed. IN my case, I overproduce and have painful letdowns on both sides, but both the engorgement and the painful letdown were greatly increased on the one side where baby could not latch well-for the obvious reason that the milk was not being extracted as well on that side. Of course being engorged made latch even more painful and it became a vicious cycle. I did have nipple pain all the time due to nipple injury (no cracks but deep bruising) and even eventually entire breast pain pretty much all the time on that side, but that was after battling mastitis and a giant plug as well...

    Anyway, I finally realized that I needed hands on help and saw a board certified lactation consultant. She got me working harder and better on REALLY making sure baby latched well, plus I figured out I had to "empty" that breast more often, which meant encouraging baby to nurse more often as pumping hurt even worse.

    Not sure how helpful that is, but I would encourage you to be proactive about getting help if that is at all possible for you. I thought I knew it all nursing my third, and I was proven very wrong.

    oh yes and what about bacterial infection? Nipple pain can be caused by that.

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    I had some of the same pain that you are going through. I went to my lactation consultant at my hospital to work on his latch and she recommended using olive oil on my nipples after feeding/pumping and it helped out tremendously - especially with the vasospasm pain I was having in between feedings (which is awful!) I had used the lanolin and even had prescription APNO and neither matched the effectiveness of the olive oil. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for all the suggestions! I think it was a plugged duct- no matter how much I nursed or pumped I could not get the pain/hardness down. I started massaging andapplying heat and it has felt much better! Now, however, my supply seems very low : (

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