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Thread: 11month old awake for hours during night

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    Angry 11month old awake for hours during night

    Dd2 is 11months, the last few nights she has started waking at about 2.30am and not going back to sleep until about 5.30 am! She normally goes to bed between 8 and 9pm, she will usually wake at least once before 2.30am to nurse and then goes back off to sleep(we co sleep). The last few nights, she has then woken at around 2.30am, nursed and then been WIDE awake, sitting up, bashing DH, crawling around bed, standing, trying to get off bed, shouting if we try to stop her. She will keep coming back to nurse briefly every few mins but will not go to sleep! Has anyone else experienced this and how did you deal with it, or does anyone have any ideas? We experienced almost the exact same thing with DD1, we ended up taking her downstairs to play until she tired herself out, then she would crawl to the stairs as if to say "I am ready to sleep now". This went on with DD1 for a good few months, so I am not sure whether taking her downstairs to play prolonged things? However when DD2 seems so wide awake, I am not sure what else to do. DD1 was a terrible sleeper until all of her teeth came through, since then she has been fantastic! When DD2 wakes, she doesn't really seem to be in pain, just unsettled and AWAKE. Would really appreciate any thoughts/ advice as we are so tired!!!

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    Default Re: 11month old awake for hours during night

    That sounds exhausting! I am pretty sure i wouldn't take her downstairs to play. I'd keep the lights off, make the bedroom a safe but extremely boring place, and hope that she'd get bored enough to go back to sleep!

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    Default Re: 11month old awake for hours during night

    yeah, we hvae that too. usually it's not middle of the night, but evenings - dinner, reading, bath, nursing, then at 8:15 either DS falls asleep or pops up ready to play. in that case i stay in bed and he goes downstairs (by himself) to play with his dad, until he's tired out. he usually comes back upstairs (by himself) and nurses right down, anytime between 9:15 and 12:15.

    it works for us because i can be in bed resting/reading for work, and DH is always still up then anyway. we have just decided to do baby-led sleeping as well as everything else: no fights over sleep at our house! it has its tradeoffs.
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    Default Re: 11month old awake for hours during night

    Love "baby led sleeping", Auderey!

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    Default Re: 11month old awake for hours during night

    Oh my!

    Things you can try: try trimming her last nap of the day and/or try put her to bed later.
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