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Thread: Two weeks plus, no poop?! Super efficient, or trouble?

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    Default Re: Two weeks plus, no poop?! Super efficient, or trouble?

    alexx, the conversation upthread is part of a joke that continued from an earlier thread - djsmom thinks it's gross to have baby poop in a bathtub, mommal doesn't mind - so that's what they were referring to.
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    Default Re: Two weeks plus, no poop?! Super efficient, or trouble?

    I am all for pooping in the tub. Not everyone shares my laissez faire attitude about that, though!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*alexx View Post
    Here I though he was just hungry all the time, but he was prolly trying to poop! And of course, he'd rather nurse than face the unpleasantry of pooping!
    Another reason babies nurse when they need to poop is that moving some milk in at the top of the digestive system can stimulate the bottom of the digestive system to move something out. So nursing more is always a great thing to do when baby seems to be having trouble getting a poop out.

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    Default Re: Two weeks plus, no poop?! Super efficient, or trouble?

    Also I very much doubt it was unpleasant for him. That is projection. Babies that are EBF do NOT get constipated and struggle to poop the way you or I who eat solid foods do. If your child was truly constipated it would have been very dark hard pellets of poop. Like rabbit poop. Instead I imagine that it was soft and the color and consistency of peanut butter. Still very much SOFT poop. It's just that once their digestive tract begins to mature they have to push to get poop get poop out where as before their sphincters tighten they basically just have to breath and eat to poop. They are in no pain when they don't poop like this. They just have super stinky ass gas. But whenever you are stressing about it, just remember it's ALL MILK. That's all it is. Milk. And not dairy milk. (Which does sometimes constipate people) but actual human milk. I am sorry that you were worried mama. But glad you didn't have to change a poopy diaper for 2 weeks.

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