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Thread: Sensitive gag reflex?

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    Default Sensitive gag reflex?

    My daughter seems to have a sensitive gag reflex. She loves her hands and has them in her mouth constantly. However, she'll often gag herself - sometimes causing her to vomit. She also occasionally gags when my nipple is too far into her mouth (she's always had a rather shallow latch, and I guess this is why!)

    My question is whether this will likely normalize on it's own? She'll be 4 months old in 1.5 weeks...

    (On a side note, my son's gag reflex has always been very sensitive also. We always assumed it was because of complications surrounding his extremely early birth - being ventilated for several weeks, needing thickened liquids because he aspirated, etc. Now I'm wondering if he would have been a gagger anyway?)

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    Default Re: Sensitive gag reflex?

    My son has a crazy gag reflex also. And while he doesn't throw up as easily now, phlegm still makes him puke. But it does get better.
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