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Thread: Returning to Work..Schedule on Weekends

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    Default Returning to Work..Schedule on Weekends

    Hello! I return to work as a teacher on Oct. 17. I am EP and I am trying to devise a schedule at work but am limited. I have a plan period at the same time every day for 90 minutes. This would be the only time during work day to pump. Here is what I have come up with:
    12-2 AM: pump (this depends on when he wakes up, usually 1 AM); 5-5:15 AM: pump; 7:45: pump; 11:40: pump; 3:40: pump; 6:00: pump; 9:00 pump.
    Should I try to squeeze in another pump around 12:45 PM? I have lunch duty at 1:15 PM. I pump for 25-30 minutes per session due to late let-downs. I have hospital grade pump at home and was given a PISA last week for work.
    Do I follow this schedule on the weekends? Or do I pump every 3 hours? I have been on the work schedule for the most part this week in preparation for the return. I also do not make enough milk but DS gets only one bottle of formula out of 8 total so I am ok with that. I have noticed a dip in supply since I started the work schedule. It's not too much, but it is less. If DS increases his volume, I may have to move to two bottles of formula. Still ok with that. I am ok with 50% or more from me. I would like to stay at a higher percentage, but it is what it is.
    DS did not take to BFing because he was preemie, then sick in PICU with feeding tube, then found out he has bubble palate and posterior tongue tie which was not corrected (just found out last week). I have tried the feeding tube on breast but it did not work out too well. I am ok with pumping. I am taking domperidone to increase supply and was almost there but had a volume change last week so I need the one bottle formula (previously 1/2 bottle to whole bottle depending on my pumping volumes). Also, DS has to fortify his BM to 24 calories by adding formula to bottle. He was born negative on growth charts (very small, IUGR). So, the fortification is to get him to gain weight quicker and he is.
    Also, when pumping, I get twice as much from left breast. I actually have to do compressions the entire time on right in order to get anything out. Anyone have a reason for this? I have tried google searches and learned that many have a "dominant" breast...one that produces more.
    THANKS for reading and your responses.

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    Default Re: Returning to Work..Schedule on Weekends

    I do not EP but I would pump more when you can only stick to work schedule when at work because if you've already noticed a decline then at some point it will likely get harder to keep the same output. Maybe not soon. I've gone through a roller coaster ride with pumping. So I hope you make your goals.
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    Default Re: Returning to Work..Schedule on Weekends

    the more you pump, the more you'll get, and pumping gets harder and harder. so many moms find wtih a given amount of pumping early on they get less milk and/or have to add pumps. which is to say, you might want to add extra pumps on the weekend compared to what you do at work, because it just gets harder, and to keep him on 50% or more milk longterm you might need to ramp it up more now. but since you're feeling flexible about exaactly how much milk vs formula you use, you also just have to weigh against your sanity and spending time with family on the weekends, which are also very important.

    good luck! it's not an easy road and i have immense respect for those who do it.
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