I can't say we have made it exactly to a year BFing, since we didn't do so well the first few days, but I'm going to count it anyway as it's my LO's bday today! After three days of labor, having to supplement at the hospital (no thanks, nurses and hospital LC's!), and a month or two of evening colic, my LO is the happiest baby I've ever seen! And she's already in size 2T clothes (and they're small on her) so she's not malnourished.

Thanks to the help from everyone. Just wanted to say to all the new moms out there, I struggled daily for the first few months. I kept saying, "No one told me breastfeeding was so stressful!" But then it got better and I don't see an end in sight yet. Our struggles now include, "Why did my daughter eat an entire squash last week, but now will only eat cheese?!" And, "Why must we throw all our expensive organic vegetables on the floor?"

I'm not entirely ready to pump wean, but will likely be back with questions when I do that. I'm going to step it down. She still seems to want a lot of milk when I'm away.