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    my 1month baby was doing breat/bottle feeding due to me going back to work .i stoped breastfeeding by my breast for 1week, but i still pumped and bottle feed, she is not wanting to lach to my breast now, what do i do
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    Here is a great link

    In general baby likes a bottle because its easier, you can hand express or pump just to get the milk flowing and keep trying to latch her on. This weekend you can also try a nursing vacation. Take baby to bed with you and do skin to skin all weekend and keep at it.
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    it can be hard to get her back to the breast, but it is WORTH it in the long run, so give it your all right now. good luck!
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    Definitely agree it is worth it. Do the bath thing, that worked amazingly! It's like the warm water triggers the baby's instincts or something. It is a struggle, they love convenience just like us adults.... Patience, and time! Highly recommend trying a sns, supplemental nurser, the straw thingy with expressed milk, to satisfy baby but keep him suckling.

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