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Thread: Ready to wean, but DS has always nursed to sleep

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    Exclamation Ready to wean, but DS has always nursed to sleep

    Today is my DS first birthday. I am ready to wean him, and want to make this process as gentle as possible (without drawing it out for months). DH has been expressing his want for us to wean for a while (Pediatrician said he could go to cow's milk and would be fine weaning at 11 months) but I did not realize he was serious until yesterday. Together, we have decided it is time.

    DS does not have an interest in nursing unless he is tired and wants to nap or go to sleep for the night. He has always either been nursed to sleep by me, or fed a bottle (BM until a month ago, then cow's milk) and rocked to sleep by a family member. He does cry if anyone but me puts him down for the night, and it usually doesn't last very long until I get home and nurse him.

    I really don't want to cry it out, but I don't want to keep nursing either. Or rock a screaming baby when I know what will make him happy. He has never taken a pacifier. I am wondering if I should start giving him a bottle instead of nursing down or try to wean to a pacifier? Or is cry it out really the answer? I've tried to put him down awake, let him cry for about 7 minutes (as long as I can stand) and when I get him he is sweaty and has tired himself so much he falls asleep very shortly after latching on.

    A little desperate here. I want my body back. I know that sounds selfish, but at a year old, I really feel he is old enough. All of my local support weaned between 9 - 11 months without issues, but no one else always nursed to sleep.

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    Since nursing is so comforting and relaxing for babies, the bedtime nursing session does tend to be the hardest to drop.

    Would your DH be up for taking over the bedtime responsibilities? Many moms find that's the best way to phase out the nursing-to-sleep routine.
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    Default Re: Ready to wean, but DS has always nursed to sleep

    I wish this was an option in my house, but my husband works third shift and leaves about the same time bedtime starts. He is off this weekend though, so I think I will enlist his help.

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