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Thread: Supply Dropped - 1st Period since birth

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    Default Supply Dropped - 1st Period since birth

    I work 9-10 hrs a day and normally pump 4 times at work. I normally get between 10-12 oz a day, but today I have pumped 3 times already and have only gotten 5 1/2 oz. I have started my period last night (1st one since birth). My son is 3 months old. Is this normal?? What should I do to pick up my supply again??? I know that me stressing out does not help with the supply issue. I just called my doctor and they are sending me a medical grade pump for me to keep for 6 months. Hopefully that will help in general.

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    Default Re: Supply Dropped - 1st Period since birth

    Just nurse as much as possible, add a pump session in if possible, eat oatmeal, increase fluids, and/or take fenugreek. It is perfectly normal but should rebound and will happen with each period.
    Mom to Kaleb born 7/24/08......clueless about BF and began to supplement. Supply was gone at 8 weeks.

    Sarah Beth born 11/29/11.....found this forum(lifesaver) and glad to say she has only had BM since day 1 and we are still going strong!

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    Default Re: Supply Dropped - 1st Period since birth

    I agree, nurse, nurse, nurse whenever you can with your little one. Make sure you eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink pleanty of fluids. And try to find a stress reliever!! Jam out to some good music, have a glass of wine(if you drink), just try and relax Mama. You are doing great!! =)
    09-28-2011 VB (41 Weeks 1 Day) Breastfeeding 12 months & counting.

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